Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ryan's Favorite Doctor

So Ryan has had a few check-ups with this one doctor that he really likes. You could say he that he loves him!  Here's the dr. preparing to see his patient...

Here daddy gets the duct tape of medical supplies...the band can fix anything!

And now for another shot....he's been given lots of those! I really like this one!

No check up would be complete without a listen to the heartbeat! Notice how Aiden listens to Ryan's knee? Ryan said it must mean Aiden will be a Greenville College student! :)


  1. maybe "dr aidan" could give the patient a sticker when he's done with his so cute!!

  2. Thanks girls! You're right Jami! We just might have another one of those spongebob stickers that aiden gave to me!

  3. LOVE IT! Happy New Year to The Roman's!