Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ryan Can Get E-Cards

I am so sorry. I was misinformed. Ryan's hospital can get him ecards so please send him some too! I can tell you it's exciting everytime a volunteer walks in and says, "I have a card for you." This link should take you to Hurley Hospital Ecards

I am sorry I do not have much of an update on Ryan. It's not that we aren't curious ourselves, we're just not given much information. We hope to go down tomorrow to visit him. I found Ryan's cousin on facebook and this is what he had posted about Ryan on there . . . some of it was new to me, some of it I had heard. As far as Michelle knows, he is in more serious condition than herself, but no details to his injuries. She is aware that he will have some surgeries down the road and a longer recovery time.
"Ryan was air lifted to Hurley Trauma Center in Flint Mich. He has multiple injuries, but he doesn't have internal injuries. Two vertebras in his neck were fractured. He has a broken right ear drum, broken nose, crushed sinuses and 'orbit' around left eye, jaw broken in 3 places, fractured shoulder, ball shattered in left hip socket, left hand broken, right leg shattered. His first surgery will be for the broken jaw. Jan said that she thought they had to wait for the swelling to go down.
The tow truck man told my uncle that the car was probably airborne for about 50 feet. He had 150 feet of cable on his truck and couldn't reach their vehicle. Their possessions were strewn for about 250 feet around the van. "

~ Angie Peterson

Bedtime Stories

Tonight I told the girls they could each read me a story before bed. Emma picked out a book about a boy who was a slave that left his owner and joined the union army. Not surprising it was a book from Grandma Nanny. Moriah said she wanted to read a Bible story and pulled out a children's Bible. About 5 stories into the Bible Moriah was still going strong. Emma leaned over to me and whispered, "This is kind of a long book." I laughed and told her we would stop her after awhile.

~Angie Peterson


I told Michelle we needed to make a post about the things she's thankful for and this is what she came up with. Mind you, this list was created by a fuzzy brain on drugs.
Michelle is thankful for:
For the people who love us and are praying for us.
For the visitors
Uninjured kids and family around to take care of them
For the EMT who prayed with Emma at the site
Friends who sat with me and took care of me until my mom and sister were able to make it
for the e-cards she has received

Tuesday, November 30th

Mom stayed with Michelle last night while Mike and I went on to Michelle and Ryan's house to sleep. We got in about midnight Monday night/Tuesday morning. She was awake when we got here, but very tired. She reached for mom's hand and thanked us for coming up. She whispered the entire time while talking. All talking that night you could tell took all her energy and just wore her out. I cried when we prayed with her. It was very hard to see her like this.
Today, Tuesday, I made it over to the hospital around 11:30am. I felt a lot better seeing her now cause she looks better. She was talking and not as tired.
Today she also got out of bed for the first time! She took a few steps to a chair and sat down. She sat for about an hour and finally said she was too tired and needed a nap. She has been talking and very alert. She has eaten 2 popscicles: purple and orange for the inquiring minds and has had some Sprite. She has requested chicken broth for dinner.
Right now she is back in the chair and looking good. She is just in a lot of pain.
This morning Mike and I went to Tim and Jan's (Ryan's parents house) where some of the items from the van were taken. We went through all the Christmas gifts to let them know what were gifts the kids were already given and what was purchased on Black Friday as gifts for Dec 25th.
I'm very encouraged.
Because I'm not with Ryan I do not have as good of an update about him. I have heard he is in good spirits. Yesterday he said, "Send my love to Michelle" and the first thing he asked about at the hospital was if the kids and Michelle were okay.

Thanks for caring enough about my family to read this blog!
Angie Peterson

Send A Card

The MidMichigan Hospital allows you to send e-cards to patients. This is the hospital where Michelle is staying. If you would like to send your well wishes, this is the best way to do it!  Click on this Link to send an ecard
For Affiliate select "Medical Center - Midland"

Please include your last name when signing the card so we know who it's from.

The hospital Ryan is at does not have ecards.

Thanks! Angie Peterson

They Made Front Page News

This is the article from the Midland Daily News.  My husband Mike told the nieces, "If you're name ever makes the front page of the news again it better be for winning an award or something."  Please note they did get Michelle's last name incorrect in the article. 

Man critical after Sunday wreck

A Coleman man airlifted to a Flint hospital is in critical condition after a Sunday night crash that occurred in Jasper Township, while a Midland man remains hospitalized after he was struck by a car on Wednesday.
The Midland County Sheriff's Office reports Ryan Arnold Roman, 37, was one of six people hurt in the Sunday accident, which occurred at 6:16 p.m. Roman was driving a 2006 Chrysler Town and County van north on South Coleman Road when it was struck by a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado, driven east on West Shepherd Road by Jody Anne Ackerman, 53, Shepherd.
Roman was airlifted to Flint's Hurley Medical Center from the scene.
Ackerman and the passengers in Roman's van, Michelle Marie Brown, 35, Moriah Christine Roman, 7, Aiden Timothy Roman, 2, and Emma Noelle Roman, 9, all of Coleman, were hurt. The report states they were taken to MidMichigan Medical Center-Midland for treatment. A hospital spokeswoman said Ackerman and all three children were treated and released. Brown is not listed as being a patient there.
A preliminary report on the accident states Ackerman told a deputy she forgot about the stop sign on West Shepherd Road. It also states no drugs or alcohol were involved.
An accident reconstructionist was called to the scene, and the roadway was closed from 8 until 10 p.m. The accident remains under investigation.

The Beginning of the Roman Blog

A couple of months ago Michelle asked if I (her sister Angie) would help her get a blog started.  She said there were memories of her kids that she wanted to document.  I told her we could do it next time she visited.  Of course her next visit down was for Thanksgiving and we didn't get around to it.  Well I have had so many people asking for updates on how the family is doing after the accident that I decided now would be a great time to get her blog started so I can post updates and whoever wants to access it, can.
So what happened: After celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas together over Thanksgiving weekend the Roman's were headed back home to Coleman, MI.  A single-driver of a silverado truck "forgot there was a stop sign" plowing into the Roman's van, right into the driver's door.  They were about 16 miles from Coleman when it happened.  Both vehicles were traveling about the same speed which, at my guess, was probably around 60MPH. 
Things to be thankful for at the scene:  A physician living nearby was listening to a scanner and came immediatley to help.  There were other cars around when it happened so help was called immediatley.  2 families from their church came upon the accident and prayed for whoever was in the accident.  And an EMT prayed with Emma when she said she was scared. 
Michelle has some broken ribs, a fractured shoulder blade and a bruised lung.  Lots of cuts on her face, the biggest is on her forehead. 
Ryan got the brunt of it, being the driver and all.  He was air lifted to Flint, MI.  His leg is broken in 2 places, his hand is broken, pelvic bone is broken, hip bone broken, his jaw is broken in 3 places and has been wired shut.  Most if not all of his teeth were knocked out.  He has a lot of surgeries in store for him and a long road to recovery. 
The kids were all CT scanned the night of the accident and were released to go home.  They stayed with Ryan's Aunt, Janet that night.

Angie Peterson