Sunday, January 2, 2011

Year's End

This is a little late, but after long days of being away from home, I don't always feel like posting on the blog once I come home.  But here's what I was thinking a few days ago!

To close out the year, Ryan had a visit with his family doctor in Midland. It was the first time he has seen his doctor since the accident, although we had contact with his office several times since coming home. Towards the end of the visit, Dr. Jordahl mentioned the difference in Ryan compared to some other patients he has treated. He said, "You know the main difference is, that as a Christian, you have hope. Being a Christian does not mean you will not have trying times, but God enables you to cope with difficult circumstances."  Again we were reminded how thankful we are to have a faithful God who goes with us, each step of the way. It does make such a difference in our lives!

Later, while reading a book, The Valley of Vision, I came across this prayer, which sums up the desire of our hearts through these last few weeks.

Year's End

Thou art good when thou givest,
when thou takest away,
when the sun shines upon me,
when night gathers over me.
Thou hast loved me before the foundation of the world,
and in love didst redeem my soul.
Thou dost love me still,
in spite of my hard heart, ingratitude, distrust.
Thy goodness has been with me another year,
leading me through a twisting wilderness,
in retreat helping me to advance,
when beaten back making sure headway.
Thy goodness will be with me in the year ahead;
I hoist sail and draw up anchor,
With thee as the blessed pilot of my future as my past.
I bless thee that thou hast veiled my eyes to the waters ahead.
If thou hast appointed storms of tribulation,
thou wilt be with me in them.;
If I have to pass through tempests of persuction and temptation,
I shall not drown;
If I am to die,
I shall see thy face all the sooner;
If a painful end is to be my lot,
grant me grace that my faith fail not;
If I am to be cast aside from the service I love,
I can make no stipulation;
Only glorify thyself in me whether in comfort or trial,
as a chosen vessel meet always for thy use.


  1. Beautiful post Michelle, beautiful poem. You all are a blessing to me....

  2. Thank you once again for sharing. What insightful and inspiring words from the Puritans, makes me wonder what paths they walked....
    Maybe you and Ryan will be someday record your journey.

  3. May God richly bless the Romans in 2011!