Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday, December 12

I made it to church today! It was so wonderfully encouraging to be able to worship with my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. It was bittersweet, in that going to church is one thing Ryan and I always do together. Although I missed him, I did get to have my mama and Jared with me in church which is a rare treat!

Ryan sounded good today. Again he was able to get himself cleaned up and ready for the day. It made me laugh when I realized that for once in our married life I can get ready quicker than Ryan! I have always envied the fact that he could be out the door in 10 minutes after getting out of bed! He had a chest scan done last night, and they did find a small blood clot. They are not too concerned about it and have started treating it. However, we did get a call tonight that because of his previous brain injury (he had an AVM in 1994....that is an entirely different story!) they want to do a head scan tonight. So he has been taken to Covenant hospital. If they find anything on the scan he will be kept at the hospital and they will call us tonight. Please be praying the scan comes back clear, and that the blood clot will heal quickly. Thank you so much!


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  1. So glad mom made it out in the snow to go to church. I have a prayer request for you sis, I can't find my glasses. I need them.
    OH and I'm praying for Ryan and the blood clot. I sent him an ecard, i hope he gets it. Made out Christmas cards tonight so you should get it in a couple of days. I should have sent mom's up there too, but too late. LOVE YOU LOTS!!!