Saturday, December 4, 2010

Want To Help?

If you live locally and have a desire to help the Romans, first we want to thank you for the support!  And I also want you to know the church is organizing the help, donations and services so we're not totally bombarded with phones calls, visits and food. 
The church, Coleman Wesleyan, has given us a list of services and a contact person to call if we're in need of that service.  That contact person has a list of volunteers who are willing to help.  So if you would like to be one of those volunteers, you need to get a hold of either the contact person or the church. 
The church office phone number is 989-465-6431 and office hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (according to their website, I do not know how current that is). 

The different areas of service that they have offered and contact person (for privacy sake, I am not posting first names or phone numbers.  If you want to help and do not know the person/number to contact, you can contact the church and they will put you in touch with the right person).

Childcare ~ J. Dana
Drivers (to take Michelle to appointments) ~ J. Rogers
Help at the Shop ~ B. Scott or R. Arrowood
Home Cleaning ~ K. Scott
Home Maintenance (snow shoveling etc.) ~ S. Shoemaker
Meals ~ D. Bovee
Schooling ~ J. Dana or K. Scott
Shopping ~ K. Scott

Thank you so much for the support thus far.  It has brought me to tears many times just seeing the love this community has poured out to my family. 

~ Angie Peterson

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