Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday, December 20

We have been doing fairly well here without my mom, although we miss her quite a bit! Aiden called me from his bed last night and when I went in he asked me, "Where's Nanny?"  It made me sad to tell him that she went home! Lil' guy didn't fully understand that when she walked out the door that morning it would be awhile until he saw her again!

Joy spent most of today with us. She has been very helpful and fun to have around! We even had some quiet time in the afternoon, so I made a pot of coffee and we used the really good creamer!! May I just say the white chocolate mudslide is yum-o!! I even think it makes cracked ribs feel better!

Also, there is a possibility of Ryan coming home on Wednesday. So for those of you thinking of visiting him, you may want to check before heading out. If the ramp can be built and everything else in place, they will discharge him on Wednesday. I can't wait for him to come home!!

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  1. Wonderful news, Michelle! SOOO glad to hear he's coming home even sooner than expected!