Friday, December 3, 2010

Ryan's Surgeries

Ryan's surgeries start Saturday morning around 7:30am (eastern time) please be praying for him.  For sure his hip, pelvic are going to get done,  possibly his left arm and maybe even his jaw.  They said there is a lot on the agenda and the surgery could go as late as 3-4 in the afternoon.  Jan, Ryan's mom, will be down there for them.
If they get to the jaw, they will be wiring it shut.  So prayers that he does not get sick after the surgery. 
Thanks for the prayers!


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  1. Lord,
    Please be with the surgeons, give them clear minds and steady hands. Be with Ryan, give his body the strength it needs to endure the surgery and I pray that his body will not have a negative reaction when the surgeries are over. I also ask that you will be with his family as they wait. Give them patience and peace in their hearts. May they feel your presence at this very moment. Thank you Lord for all you do, and all you are.
    In Christ name,