Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday, December 2nd

Today Mike and I spent the day at home with the kids.  In the morning Mike went through some of the stuff that came from the van.  Everything needs to be cleaned thoroughly because of glass, salt and other things from the accident.  I spent the morning going through the suitcases, doing laundry, taking calls, responding to emails and keeping track of the 3 kids.  In the afternoon, we took them down to the hospital to visit with Michelle after Aidan had his nap.  Michelle was going for a walk when we arrived.  I felt a little bad because Moriah wasn't sure she wanted to see her mom, so I told if she wanted to she could wait outside the room.  Well, when we were coming down the hallway Michelle was at the other end so there was no choice for Moriah, she was going to see her mom.  I think it was good for Mo to see her up and moving around.  I also feel it was good for them to see how much pain she is in as well as how little movement she has and how slow she is.  We made it to her room and Aidan snuggled right up with her in her bed.  He practiced giving her "soft" kisses so he wouldn't be so rough when he saw her.  He helped himself to Michelle's leftover lunch.  The nurse was so nice; she went and grabbed the kids some cookies, crackers and juice. 
Michelle's catheter was taken out today and she was eating well.  There is a possibility she will be released tomorrow.  Today she got a call from Ryan!  He didn't even have a phone in his room, so I asked how that was possible.  She said the doctor gave his phone to Ryan to use to call Michelle.  Ryan is supposed to have his jaw wired shut and won't be able to talk to her. She said it was short, she could tell he was tired and he said it was hard for him to hold the phone up.
After leaving the hospital we took the kids to Kohl's to get Moriah some new clothes.  The outfit they cut off of her in the ER was brand new so we wanted to replace it.  We also picked up night gowns for Michelle as she feels that is what she will be most comfortable in around the house. 
We want to thank whoever dropped off the KFC for dinner tonight.  It was nice to return home from shopping with the kids to that nice meal.  Sorry we weren't here to thank you in person! 
I did not hear a report on Ryan today. 

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