Friday, December 3, 2010

Moving Out

Here's a picture of the entourage Michelle had when she was checking out of the hospital this afternoon.  We went straight from this hospital to Ryan's hospital in Flint.  The doctor said if Michelle was up for the drive, he thought she should be okay.  We told her if we get started and if at anytime she wanted to turn around to let us know and we would take her home.  She made it!  I rolled her into his room and he was surprised to see her.  He didn't even know she had been released at this point.  She started crying a little and he said, "What are you crying for little lady?"  I got her situated to talk to him and then left them to have some privacy.  I went back up about 20 minutes later and we stayed another hour! 
Michelle told me that during their private time she said, "Just think Ryan, we were only 20 minutes away from home.  20 minutes from unpacking our cars and going to bed together.  Just 20 minutes away from normal."  And that's when Ryan said, "Yeah, but I am just so blessed and thankful that the kids are all okay and you're okay.  I am thankful I got the worst of it."  He said he has had long recovery's before so he knows what's in store and he's ready to get started.
Before we left, I snagged a picture of the two of them.  I haven't posted any pictures up to this point because I felt I wanted Michelle to give me the okay . . . well tonight she thought it would be okay to post the picture.

We made it home and a friend had Aidan and Moriah out at the mall and a family member had Emma at the movies.  We had time to get Michelle situated and comfortable, pick up her prescriptions and get a cane/bathing chair from the American Legion before they came home.  The kids are so excited to have her home and even Aidan is willing to help out.  I got this picture of him helping his mom put on her slippers.

~  Angie Peterson


  1. So glad to see some pictures. Definitely puts me a bit more at ease. Of course the prayers will continue! We love you guys! Becky, Jeff & Austin

  2. Praise God. Thank you for keeping us posted on this blog. I/we will continue to pray!

    Julie Cook
    Midland homeschool grad

  3. So happy that Ryan and Michelle were able to spend time with each other. Continuing to pray for healing and protection.
    Love to you all,
    Jenn Bovee

  4. That is so wonderful that Michelle was able to make the car drive! I distinctly remember the first car ride I took after our accident.

    Betsy Cook
    (still recovering from six broken ribs and associated injuries)

  5. Praise the Lord - Ryan is such a trooper, and such a good daddy and husband. What a godly attitude and example. Its so great that Michelle is back with you and the kid. Tell her we love her and are praising God for her recovery.
    Love Kevin, Shelley and Violet

  6. So glad they could visit! What a blessing! Praise God things are going well. We love you guys!