Thursday, December 2, 2010

Update on the Kids

The kids are doing really well.  Emma (9) has verbalized most what happened and how she is feeling.  She told me tonight she wants to see her daddy.  We explained it's a long drive down to where he's at, but maybe we can send him a video.  She got excited and said she wants to see a video of him too.  She has cried every night before bed.  She really wants her family to be together for Christmas. Emma had a doctor's appointment this morning (Dec 1) to get checked out.  She was totally cleared!  Yah!  She was able to visit Michelle after the appointment too!  Moriah had a chance to go along and after thinking about it she decided to stay home. 
Moriah (7) is very introverted and has kept most of it in.  Tonight Emma said she wanted to see daddy, Moriah said, "I don't want to see daddy.  I'm afraid if I see him it will make me cry."  Emma questioned her about it, and Mo said, "Yeah, don't you remember? I wasn't crying but then I saw daddy and I started to cry."  Just the memory of it made her almost start to cry but she held it in.  I asked was this in the ER?  and she said No.  Then I asked, "In the van?"  And she said, "Yeah."  So then I continued, "Is that why you didn't want to see mommy today?  You thought you might cry?"  She said, "yeah." Since Emma came back with a positive report as to how their mom looks and is doing, I think that has encouraged her to go.  So we have plans to run them all down to the hospital tomorrow (Thursday).  As far as her dad goes, I told her one of the jokes he told me while there and she replied, "That doesn't sound like sick daddy, that sounds like normal daddy."  I think she was surprised.  We tried to explain that his body is injured, but his attitude, character and sense of humor are all in good shape. 
Aidan (2) remembers the accident.  He describes it too.  He's 2 so can't understand all he says, but I do get, "nannys and then CRASH!"  It hasn't affected the crashing he does with his toy cars at all though!  Today we called Michelle's room so Moriah and Aidan could talk to her on the phone.  When I was getting ready to leave fot the hospital he asked, "where you going?" I said, "I'm going to see mommy."  He said, "I want to see mommy."  I didn't think he'd understand the explanation we couldn't take him anywhere til he got a new car seat, but I said, "We'll take you soon." 


  1. I have an extra seat if you want to use it. I live close to the hospital and could run it over to you!

  2. So thankful the kiddos are doing well.
    Keeping you all in my prayers. I've been thinking of you a lot today.