Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday, December 5th

Mike and I left my family and headed back to Illinois today.  Mom stayed behind and will most likely be there for 2 weeks; until I can get back up there over Christmas break.  Today Michelle surprised us by getting dressed all on her own today as well as put on her own deodorant!  Of course, I gladly reapplied some for her just in case. 
Michelle got a call this morning that Ryan's uncle and aunt were going to drive down to Hurley to see him and said they had room for one more if anyone wanted to go.  She did some debating and decided to go when she heard they wouldn't be gone for long.  The nurses found out Ryan's "honey" was coming down for a visit so washed him up and even put gel in his hair! 
Ryan's trachea is in, but he is already off the ventilator and breathing on his own.  Michelle had to laugh because every time Ryan had to cough he covered his mouth even though the cough was coming through the Trach.  He is being fed by an IV, but as soon as he gets the straw figured out he will be able to eat that way.  He will then be able to eat whatever can be pureed.  Because of his jaw being wired shut he was unable to speak.  Michelle said she could understand most of what he wanted to say by his eyes and points.  At one point something happened and Michelle said by the look in his eyes she knew exactly what he was thinking.  I think they both liked knowing they know each other well enough and have been married long enough to have that unspoken communication. 
Ryan's cousin, Rich, is going to go down and watch Monday night football with Ryan tomorrow night.  He told Michelle if she wanted to come along, she could.  Michelle has figured Rich will be watching football and Ryan will be sleeping, so she's going to pass on that trip. 
The girls made it to church this morning.  Trying to get things as normal as possible for them.  Since their mom came home they have been much more open about what they remember from the accident and what they saw.  I would like prayers for their little minds as I know they will never forget the images they saw, but would like for them not think or dwell on them often.   
Also, the report last night that he would already be able to put weight on the leg, was not accurate.  I do not know when he will be able to put weight on his leg. 

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