Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ryan's Favorite Doctor

So Ryan has had a few check-ups with this one doctor that he really likes. You could say he that he loves him!  Here's the dr. preparing to see his patient...

Here daddy gets the duct tape of medical supplies...the band can fix anything!

And now for another shot....he's been given lots of those! I really like this one!

No check up would be complete without a listen to the heartbeat! Notice how Aiden listens to Ryan's knee? Ryan said it must mean Aiden will be a Greenville College student! :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Follow Ups and Double Dates

These next few weeks will be a flurry of follow up visits for Ryan! Of course since he was first treated at Hurley, most of his appointments are in Flint. Yesterday and today we found ourselves going to Flint. Yesterday was his appt with the oral surgeon who worked on his jaw that was broken in 2 places. He had one plate put in his chin and that fracture is healing nicely...yeah!  He also had a break further up his jaw and that is why he had his mouth wired shut. That is healing nicely as well, and he said to come back in 2 weeks to have the wires cut! Ryan was secretly hoping to have them cut yesterday! He is so ready to be done with that! On the way home he was looking at all the restaraunts off the highway and practically drooling! I kept hearing, "Mmm, Rally's. Mmm, Buffalo Wild Wings. Even that 99 cent crunchy burrito on that Taco Bell sign sounds good." Sometime after that Mike said, "You should hang out with Angie." I laughed so hard! My sister Angie is about 20 weeks pregnant and everything sounds really good to her right now too!

Today he had an appt with the hand surgeon. We decided to make it a double date and have Mike and Ang take us down...they are just so much fun! We just had our first double date with them over Thanksgiving weekend at Buffalo Wild Wings. Ryan is really so glad he had wings and his favorite onion rings that day! We laughed a lot on the way down. One thing I remember is my sister was talking about baby furniture and car seats. Ryan commented that she should look for one that's been in an know those work!

Here's what happened when we first arrived for our appointment:
Nurse came in to take Ryan's vitals. She put the thermometer up to his mouth (which is wired shut)
Ryan: It's not going to work that way!
Nurse: Oh! Well, I didn't read your file.
Mike: It's okay. It's so long I wouldn't have read it either. Besides, we'd really like to be seen sometime today.

Ryan then told us about another nurse from Hurley that had come to prep him for hand surgery. She was reading through his file and after awhile she stopped and looked up at him. She continued to flip pages and read some more then looked up again and said, "You've been busy!" He replied, "I ran with the bulls in Pamplona."

So back to today's appointment. Ryan had some broken bones in his hand just above the wrist. He had 3 pins put in to hold the bones together. The pins stick out of his hands and they have small yellow caps on them. Then the hand is wrapped in gauze and had a hard splint on it. Today's x-ray showed that his hand his healing well so the dr. pulled the pins out and put on a regular cast. You should have seen the pins come out! The dr. yanked them out with a pair of pliers! And they were like 4-5 inches long! We left with a "gumby green" cast!

I know the appt sounds short and sweet, however it really took awhile. His appt was at 1:00 and we had to go down for an x-ray and then back up to the dr's office. We hadn't had lunch before the appt, and when I walked into the waiting room after having the x-ray I noticed a hospital tray of food on a nearby chair. I was eyeing the sandwich that looked too yummy for a hospital tray. The owner of said tray must have noticed the way I was drooling. He said, "You can have that sandwich. No one has touched it or even breathed on it."
Of course I said, "No thank you." However, when he stood up to leave he put the sandwich in my hands and he gave my sister a container of chili. The sandwich looked and smelled really good, but should I eat food from a stranger? And should I eat it in front of Ryan, who couldn't eat anything? Finally, I gave in! The smell was too good, and I was feeling a bit light headed from not eating! I ate the sandwich from a stranger! Ryan kept eyeing the bacon and said he could smell the mayo. The chili did not get eaten, but only because we did not have a spoon. We did offer Ryan a sip of chili through the straw, but he passed on that. It's been several hours since I ate the sandwich and I haven't been sick yet. So it must be safe to assume that God provided a lunch for me and Mike (he ate the other half) in a most unexpected way!

It's been such fun spending time with my honey, my sister and her honey these last few days. I'm excited for the day when we can go on a double date that doesn't involve a visit to a medical center!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Birthday Celebrations!

We had a wonderful Christmas together, celebrating as a family....even my sister Ang and her husband Mike were with us!  We were so glad to have Ryan home with us for Christmas! These are a few of my favorite Christmas pictures.....

Having him home for Christmas meant he was also with us for another special celebration.....our Emma girl turned 10! Double digits!! It meant so much to her to have daddy there for her birthday.  It meant so much to me to be able to share that day with him watching our little girl, and reflecting back on how life changed on that Christmas Day 10 years ago!

Here she is....blowing out the candles on her cheesecake cupcake.....

and she just realized her gift is a (new to her) i pod nano....i think she's pretty excited!

 all ready for sewing lessons with her new sewing kit!

I am pretty sure he is just wondering when he will get a cheesecake cupcake!

All weekend we were reminded of how blessed we are to be able to share these special times with our family. We have cherished each moment...even the ones when the kids were bickering or spilling juice on the carpet. I am just happy that they are still here to spill their juice...and that I am here to clean it up!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

I just love that we are all together in this picture!! Just a few weeks ago not many people believed this would be possible! We were told Ryan would be in the hospital for months! It's not even 4 weeks since the accident and he is home! God has done some amazing healing in my husband's body. All the doctors are amazed at how quickly he has been healing.  It is a wonderful Christmas gift to be able to celebrate the birth of our Savior as a family.

Our prayer is that if you have not accepted God's most precious gift to you, the salvation that comes through His Son, Jesus Christ, that you would consider giving your life to Him today.  If you do already know Him as your Savior, we pray that you will seek to know Him even more in the coming year. 

Thank you so much for your prayers for our family. To quote my dear friend Jami, this Christmas may be different for us, but His gift remains the same. Praise God, His gift remains the same!! We are grateful for the peace that comes from serving God and accepting His gift.

Merry Christmas!

The Roman's

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

He's Home!!

He's home!! He's home!! He's home!! The kids and I were just bursting with excitement to see him today!  Coming home went well and he was able to get all settled in his bedroom. This is the second time in our married life that he has lived in his parents house (we all lived w/ them about 2yrs ago when we sold our home.) Although we won't be sleeping under the same roof, at least we're in the same zip code!! It just feels better!

 Before we left tonight he sat in his wheelchair and joined us all in the living room. To be honest I think he enjoyed all the noise the kids were making.....for a few moments anyways!! It was only the second time since the accident that all 5 of us have been together.

I will try to post pics soon. First, I need some sleep!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wednesday is the Big Day!!

It's official!! He's moving out tomorrow!! His parents are picking him up around lunch time and a nurse will be at the house when he gets there to help him get settled in.  I talked to him tonight, and he is excited to be coming home. He's a little nervous about learning how to get around in a new environment, but I think that's to be expected. Please be praying for a smooth transition for him.  His family has been busy today building a wheelchair ramp and rearranging furniture. The report is that they are all ready for him over there! I am so thankful for them and for all of their help in caring for him!

Today was a good day at our house. I ventured out with all 3 kids by myself! We went to Jenn's for a few hours. It's only a few miles from here and I drove like a granny....35 all the way there! It was wonderful spending time with friends and it felt good to be doing something "normal" again.

We had some wonderful meals delivered by some families from the Midland Homeschool Group. It means so much to have the support of the local homeschooling community. Some of the families that provided meals have never even met us before. We appreciate your thoughtfulness....thank you so much!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday, December 20

We have been doing fairly well here without my mom, although we miss her quite a bit! Aiden called me from his bed last night and when I went in he asked me, "Where's Nanny?"  It made me sad to tell him that she went home! Lil' guy didn't fully understand that when she walked out the door that morning it would be awhile until he saw her again!

Joy spent most of today with us. She has been very helpful and fun to have around! We even had some quiet time in the afternoon, so I made a pot of coffee and we used the really good creamer!! May I just say the white chocolate mudslide is yum-o!! I even think it makes cracked ribs feel better!

Also, there is a possibility of Ryan coming home on Wednesday. So for those of you thinking of visiting him, you may want to check before heading out. If the ramp can be built and everything else in place, they will discharge him on Wednesday. I can't wait for him to come home!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Roman's Thankful Box

We have this box that the girls made last year, we call it the Roman's Thankful Box. Here's a pic, it's not a very good one........

Early November we set the box out on our kitchen table and we keep several slips of paper and a pen nearby.  The idea is that we write down things we are thankful for and put them in the box. On Thanksgiving we open them up and read what has been written on the slips of paper. Well, since we were in IL for Thanksgiving we did not open our box on Thanksgiving Day. We had planned to open it once we returned home. When I came home from the hospital there was the Thankful Box still on the table. Since there was a Christmas tree in the house I decided we had to open the box before we decorated the tree.

Emma, Moriah and I each pulled out a stash of slips and we read them in turn.
Look at this cute girl reading one of her slips!

The last one I read came from Ryan. It read, "I am thankful for my beautiful, healthy family...especially mom."
Yeah, there were some tears after that!  When he wrote that there was no way to know how much joy and comfort he would bring us!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh, Mama!!

This is my last night having my mom here. She arrived the day after the accident with my sister Ang and her husband Mike. She has literally not left my side since! She stayed with me in the hospital and has been here helping me with the house and children since I have been home. I remember when she first came into my hospital room, around midnight I think, and suddenly it felt as if everything was going to be okay. Even at my age (almost 29 :) it's nice to have mom come and tell you everything is okay.  Although the circumstances were not what I would choose, it has been wonderful to have my mom here for 3 weeks!! She has been busy changing diapers, making meals, cleaning, giving baths and taking care of me as well!  I don't know what I am going to do without her. Actually, when the ticket was bought for her to fly back, panic set in! I didn't feel I was ready to be alone yet. However, a few more days have passed, and I am still wondering how we'll do on our own, but I am not anxious.

We kept mom busy while she was here, but we also had time to do some fun things that we ususally do not get to do together.

She helped decorate our Christmas tree for the first time ever!! We let her put the angel on...that's usually Ryan's job!

                                            She has read many bedtime stories to Aiden!!

We ventured out to the ladies Christmas tea.....I have always wanted to bring my mom to the tea!

                                  She even went to her first ever Coleman Christmas Parade!!!

                              And there was lots of this going on.....I LOVE his eyes in this one!!

Oh, we are going to miss her!!! Gretchen is taking her to MBS in the morning so she can head back to STL.  Please pray for safe travels for her!

Thank you mom for being here! I don't know what I would have done without you! I love you so much! Thank you for taking good care of Emma, Moriah, Aiden, and me. I enjoyed our time together, and I am so grateful for your help! God has given me a really amazing mom! We are going to miss you!


Friday, December 17, 2010

He'll Be Home For Christmas!!

Yep, that's right! We met with the social worker at Covenant today, and if all goes as planned, Ryan will be home next Thursday!! Just in time for Christmas!! Having daddy here for Christmas is all the girls have been asking for!! We are planning on him staying at Tim and Jan's for awhile. It will be easier for him to manuever a wheelchair there than in our home, and he may get a bit more quiet time there also!  He will be close enough we can visit everyday! The road to recovery is still long, he has 6 wks left before he can begin to bear any weight on his legs. The jaws will be shut for another 3-4 wks....I think that is what he hates the most right now.

Yesterday my mom and I took the kids down to see him. It was the first time he has seen Aiden since the accident. Aiden was excited to see him! Ryan couldn't believe how much he has grown in the last 3 weeks. Here is visiting with the kiddos.....

Saying goodbye to Emma......

And saying goodbye to Aiden....

Now it's my turn........

We are longing for the day when we are all together at home we are one day closer!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shave and a haircut...and some shopping too!

Today I began my physical therapy and it went really well. My dear friend Jenn took me to my appt. and then we were off to see Ryan. He has been begging for a haircut since his days at Hurley and Jenn said she would give him one. He has complained of being hot since day 1 and he was so thrilled to have his haircut! And it actually made him look more like the Ryan we know. Then somehow I ended up giving him a shave....he has been wanting that too. I think he's only been shaved once. It's hard for him to do, because he  wears a neck brace. They let him take the brace off if he lied down in bed and didn't turn his head. Let's just say I am not as good at shaving a face as Jenn is at cutting hair! It was like shaving a giant girls know what I mean! The three of us had fun together, as usual. Somewhere in there I know we threatened to sew up Ryan's lips since he was talking all too well with the jaws wired shut!

Since I've already mentioned my friend Jenn today, let me tell you a bit more about her. There are so many people who have helped us recently, but Jenn has been there from the start.....and she hasn't left my side since. Moments after she got the call at 11pm Sunday night she was on her way to the Midland ER. My family was several hours away and Ryan's family had to go to Flint and take care of our kids. Jenn stayed with me until I was settled into a room for the night. She offered to stay, but I told her I was alright. I heard her leave my room and tell the nurses she would be back in the morning and that if I needed anything before then they were to call her. She was back first thing in the morning and she stayed with me all day and on until midnignt, when my family arrived. I can't even tell you all she has done in the last 2 wks. I'm sure I don't even know it all. Before the accident I treasured our friendship. Since the accident I have been even more grateful for her loyalty and devotion as one of my dearest friends.

And now for the shopping!! Thanks to some other dear friends, Kim and Erika, the girls were able to do some Christmas shopping for each other and for their dear mommy :) The shopping was a success and they had a blast! Thank you so much!!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday, December 13

Well, no phone call in the night last night!! His head scan was clear so he was taken back to his room in the rehab unit. Thank you, Lord! He did not get back to his room until 2am so he is tired today, and today is a big day for him. It's his first day of physical therapy! He cleaned himself up again this morning and did some therapy. He will have more therapy this afternoon.

A few more things to pray for...his vision in his left eye, and his hearing in his right ear. He is still not able to hear much out of his right ear. His left ear seems to be okay. His vision was checked while he was at Hurley, and they said his right eye is 20/20 but his left is 20/70. Ryan is not seeing an improvement. We talked on Saturday about his vision and I reminded him before I left to talk to his dr. about having an eye exam. As I went to leave, I told him I loved him and gave him a kiss. He said, "When I look in the mirror I think there isn't much to love." I told him that I love him even more now than I did 2wks ago. He said, "Maybe you need to have your vision checked."

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday, December 12

I made it to church today! It was so wonderfully encouraging to be able to worship with my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. It was bittersweet, in that going to church is one thing Ryan and I always do together. Although I missed him, I did get to have my mama and Jared with me in church which is a rare treat!

Ryan sounded good today. Again he was able to get himself cleaned up and ready for the day. It made me laugh when I realized that for once in our married life I can get ready quicker than Ryan! I have always envied the fact that he could be out the door in 10 minutes after getting out of bed! He had a chest scan done last night, and they did find a small blood clot. They are not too concerned about it and have started treating it. However, we did get a call tonight that because of his previous brain injury (he had an AVM in 1994....that is an entirely different story!) they want to do a head scan tonight. So he has been taken to Covenant hospital. If they find anything on the scan he will be kept at the hospital and they will call us tonight. Please be praying the scan comes back clear, and that the blood clot will heal quickly. Thank you so much!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Amazing and Wonderful Things

Well, this is Michelle...and it's my first time posting! The last post from me was actually typed by my sister since I could only hunt and peck. But look at me now! Typing away with 2 hands! Imagine my sister Angie's surprise when she sees this!!

Just to be clear, Ryan is in Covenant Health Care, Rehab Unit. The rehab unit is NOT located inside the main hospital building...let me know if you need help finding him! Today was his first day in rehab, and Ryan cleaned himself up this morning and was able to get his shirt on with only a little help. He said it took him over an hour, but he did it!

Ryan's cousin drove me down there to see him today and we had a great afternoon together! He looked better than he did when I saw him on Thursday! As we talked about some of things that have been going on this last week, the conversation turned to all the people who have helped us during these last 2 weeks. As I told him just some of the things people have done for us, he looked at me and said, "Isn't it amazing? I'm just Ryan Roman. It must be because of you." He went on to say that even though this is the worst thing we have been through in our lives together, it has also been amazing and wonderful.  Although I may not be able to call it amazing and wonderful just yet, I do agree that we have seen our God do some amazing and wonderful things. Top on that list of amazing and wonderful things is all the support we have had from our family and friends, near and far. Ryan told me of visits/calls from friends that have really been a blessing to him. Tonight as I opened cards and read the encouraging words inside, I was amazed again at how God has used our friends to carry us through. Thank you for your words of encouragement, they soothe our soul! Thank you for your visits. they bring us joy! Thank you for your prayers, they strengthen us! We are very grateful for each one of you!

By Christ's strength, we will press on, trusting our God is yet to do even more amazing and wonderful things!!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Ryan's Moved!

Ryan is no longer in Flint, MI at Hurley Medical.  They have moved him to Covenant Medical Center in Saginaw, Mi.  This is a lot closer to home (praise!) and also means he is stable enough to be moved (another praise).  So if anyone was planning on visiting him or sending him ecards you've got to change location.  Covenant does have ecards so feel free to send him some while he's there!
Praise the Lord he is on the road to recovery!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday, December 9th

The girl's made it down to Flint and they got to see their dad for the first time.  The visit went really well and I think it did them all good (Ryan included).  Ryan did discuss the accident and each shared what they remembered.  Ryan told the girls he was very proud of the way the girls behaved the night of the accident and how good they have been since then. 
Everyone at the hospital is amazed at how well Ryan is doing after all he has been through.  All the nurses LOVE him and were heartbroken when they found out he was married.  I think Michelle put a stop to all future sponge baths.  When Ryan moved last night from the trauma unit on the floor to the non-trauma side he had a new roommate.  Of course, Ryan was up for a conversation.  Michelle learned from the roommate this morning that he was tired and frustrated as he was spending the night in the hospital and having to change plans for a trip to Florida.  He said after hearing Ryan's story and his attitude about it, there was no way he was going to feel sorry for himself.  Ryan's story was inspirational to the new roommate.

Today Thursday, Dec 9th

Michelle had a doctor's appointment this morning at 8:15am to have her shoulder looked at.  The dr. said after looking at the X-Rays that everything seems to be healing the way it should (praise the Lord), and he would like her to start physical therapy. 
I just got off the phone with them and they were in the car driving to Flint so the girls could see Ryan.  This will be the first time both of them have seen Ryan since the accident.  Please be praying it goes well. 
Ryan has been moved to a different part of the floor, he was in like neuro trauma, now he is just in the neuro side of the floor.  Michelle called his nurse ahead of time and warned her his girls were coming and if she could make him look as presentable as possible.  The nurse told her that she was just amazed as to how well he is doing after all he has gone through. 
I wonder if they realize the amount of prayer that is going up for this guy. 

~ Angie Peterson

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

If Michelle were totally honest, putting up a Christmas tree was the furthest thing on her mind.  When someone from the church asked her, while she was still in the hospital, if they could bring a tree, her response was, "yes, sure, whatever." 
When the church found out Michelle was being released from the hospital, they went into "turbo speed" to get the tree into the Roman's house.  Sure enough when we returned with Michelle there was a large Christmas tree sitting in the corner of the living room. 

We decided if everyone was up to it, we would decorate the tree on Saturday before Mike and I left.  Mike was determined to find Michelle's totes of Christmas ornaments and decorations.  He searched the garage, shed and even Chemloc (Ryan's work place, where they keep things in storage) .  Michelle was so exhausted she told Mike, "Just run to Dollar General and get new one's to use this year."  That wouldn't stop Mike's search; he eventually found everything he needed.  
We did everything "Roman" style; including all traditions they usually partake.  I made mugs of hot chocolate, we had Christmas music playing in the background and the girl's each picked out one of their dad's ornaments to hang on the tree first.   

 The finished product!
Looking back on that request to put up a tree and how unimportant it seemed at the time, she can't help but realize how grateful she is to have it!  She said it was soo good for the girls (and herself) to have the tree and that part of "normalcy" this time of year.  It has given them something to think about other than their current situation.  It has given them something to look forward to.  So thanks to all of those who came together to get the tree up.  Michelle, the girls and Aidan are very appreciative.

Wednesday, December 8th

Ryan's surgery went really well today.  Michelle called Ryan's room and he asked if he could call her back cause he was so tired.  Michelle did talk to a nurse and she said that Ryan has not taken any pain meds since the surgery and she is just amazed.  He is one tough cookie.
Jared made it to the hospital and he heard that Ryan set the record for the longest surgery at the hospital.  I don't know if that's true or not, but it's the rumor going around. 
Because of the late night last night (the Ladies Tea) they stayed in all day today.  Mom did a lot of house cleaning, which needed to be done.  Aidan spent the day at a family friends house, who happen to own a horse farm.  Michelle was warned, "Dress him warm, we'll be outside most of the day."  I don't know who was more excited, Aidan or the friend to show off her farm to Aidan. 

~ Angie Peterson

Tuesday, December 7th

Michelle and mom went to the Ladies Tea at church.  This was Michelle's first social outing since the accident.  She was a bit overwhelmed by all the people and thankful for the pastor's wife who came up to her, grabbed her hand and said, "Follow me, I'll get you to your table."  They brought in a special comfy chair for her to use that made her feel like the queen of the party.  The speaker was a lady who had been in a car accident.  Michelle thought it was too soon from her own accident to hear her story so planned on leaving early.  When the speaker heard of Michelle's story, she came up to her and asked her to stay saying, "I feel you're the reason I'm to speak here tonight."  
Someone brought over a car for mom to use until they get the van replaced.  That has been helpful in getting the kids around and running some errands.  
Ryan sat in a chair about an hour.  He has already put weight on the leg that had a rod put in.  He misses us loves us and ready to come home.  Michelle doesn't think he is taking any pain medicine . . . the people at the hospital are amazed.  He had a push button he could press that would give him a dose of meds and they decided to take it away cause he never used it. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Surgery Tomorrow

Have not heard from Michelle today, but I do know Ryan's surgery over his left arm is tomorrow, please be praying all goes well!  Thanks!

~ Angie Peterson

Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday, December 6th

Michelle was able to talk to Ryan on the phone today.  He is talking through the trachea so she can understand him pretty clearly and she said he sounded very normal.  He told her that he was able to get up and sit in a chair for 45 minutes today!  He is already putting weight on the leg that has the rod in it.  The physical therapist is already working with him.  Ryan told Michelle that he is ready to get outta there, he's ready to stand up, be home, be hugged and loved.  Ryan is very motivated and shouldn't take him long once he is moved to rehab.  Ryan's next surgery is Wednesday.  This will be the surgery over his left arm, so please keep him in your prayers!
Ryan's brother Jared flies in tomorrow and will go straight to the hospital to see him.  I think that will do much good for his spirit. 
Today Michelle put on deodorant all by herself and she did a good enough job that it didn't need to be reapplied.  The girls still helped her get her socks on.  She said she gets a little bit better every day. 
Today she had two jobs on her list she really wanted to get done and she got them both done (one of them being laundry put away, she couldn't remember the 2nd job) but she was tired afterwards. 
She slept in her own bed last night, as opposed to the lazy boy she had been sleeping in.  Moriah slept with her and cried a little bit.  Michelle said she had the girls journal for a little bit as they seem to express themselves in writing better than verbally. 

~ Angie Peterson

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday, December 5th

Mike and I left my family and headed back to Illinois today.  Mom stayed behind and will most likely be there for 2 weeks; until I can get back up there over Christmas break.  Today Michelle surprised us by getting dressed all on her own today as well as put on her own deodorant!  Of course, I gladly reapplied some for her just in case. 
Michelle got a call this morning that Ryan's uncle and aunt were going to drive down to Hurley to see him and said they had room for one more if anyone wanted to go.  She did some debating and decided to go when she heard they wouldn't be gone for long.  The nurses found out Ryan's "honey" was coming down for a visit so washed him up and even put gel in his hair! 
Ryan's trachea is in, but he is already off the ventilator and breathing on his own.  Michelle had to laugh because every time Ryan had to cough he covered his mouth even though the cough was coming through the Trach.  He is being fed by an IV, but as soon as he gets the straw figured out he will be able to eat that way.  He will then be able to eat whatever can be pureed.  Because of his jaw being wired shut he was unable to speak.  Michelle said she could understand most of what he wanted to say by his eyes and points.  At one point something happened and Michelle said by the look in his eyes she knew exactly what he was thinking.  I think they both liked knowing they know each other well enough and have been married long enough to have that unspoken communication. 
Ryan's cousin, Rich, is going to go down and watch Monday night football with Ryan tomorrow night.  He told Michelle if she wanted to come along, she could.  Michelle has figured Rich will be watching football and Ryan will be sleeping, so she's going to pass on that trip. 
The girls made it to church this morning.  Trying to get things as normal as possible for them.  Since their mom came home they have been much more open about what they remember from the accident and what they saw.  I would like prayers for their little minds as I know they will never forget the images they saw, but would like for them not think or dwell on them often.   
Also, the report last night that he would already be able to put weight on the leg, was not accurate.  I do not know when he will be able to put weight on his leg. 

From Michelle

Usually on a Sunday morning you would find the Roman family going to church together.  Last Sunday,   November 28th, was different.  We had been in Illinois for our Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration with my family.  Ryan and I met our new niece for the first time and we learned that we are soon to be an aunt and uncle again!  Oh the joy!  Leaving Illinois that day I never imagined what our journey had in store for us.  During our journey back to Coleman we made a final stop in Marshall, MI.  The kids picked out a snack for the last leg of the trip.  We laughed as Aidan practically threw his snack of choice (Cheetos for you inquiring minds) up onto the counter to pay.  Ryan and I held hands and even shared a kiss or two while we let the kiddos stretch their legs.  As we walked out 2 ladies watched us with smiles that said a "What a cute family."  Could life get any better than this?   I was so thankful for my family.
Once we were back in the van Ryan asked if I wanted a coffee from Big B ~ he knows I love a treat!  I debated and finally decided no - it wasn't worth the calories.  If I could do it over again I'd get one ~ even if it was a million calories!  About an hour and a half after that stop in Marshall the accident happened.  Instead of all of us sleeping in our home, Ryan spent the night at Hurley Medical Center, I was in Midland Hospital and our children were with family members.
Today is one week ~ Just 7 days from the accident but what an absolutely incredible week.  Let me tell you all why . . .
Our God is at work!  We serve an awesome and mighty God.  All 3 of our children came out practically unscathed and I with only minor injuries - Praise God!  And Ryan, his injuries are so much more severe, but he is alive!  Some bones may be broken and crushed but his spirit, personality and sense of humor are not and neither is his love for us or his God.
When I saw him on Friday, my husband laid on his bed broken and bruised; he told me how blessed and thankful he is - - that is the man I fell in love with and married!
God has carried us through week 1.  He has used so many people to help with the carrying . . . . here are a few.
Our Family ~ Ryan and I have THE BEST families around!  They have been working tirelessly since last week.
Our Peeps ~ You know who you are.  Muah!
Our Church Family ~ Let me just say WOW!  WOW!!  WOW!!!  You guys have anticipated needs and met them before they even arise.
Fellow Believers ~ Our dear brothers and sisters in Christ, thank you for your prayer support.  Whether you are here in Coleman or somewhere else in the US - Thank you!
Coleman Community - Being in a small town is the best and Coleman community rocks!  Thanks for your love and support
Thank you for your visits, prayers, love, cards and meals.
The road ahead is long, but we do not go alone.  Please pray that God will make me into the wife Ryan needs and the mother our children need. 

~ Michelle Roman

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ryan's Out Of Surgery

About 10pm we got a call that Ryan finished his surgery.  The left hand did not get done.  The oral surgeon was very positive in the way things went.  They were able to insert a plate through his mouth rather than creating a scar on his face and entering that way.  They put in a trachea which Ryan knew was a possibility going into the surgery.  They tied down his arms so when he wakes up, if there is any confusion he won't pull anything out.  His jaw is wired shut and should be for the next 5-6 weeks. 
Thanks for the prayers!

~ Angie Peterson

Ryan's Surgery Update as of 630PM

It's 6:30pm and we just got off the phone with Jan.  They are just now starting the jaw.  It's taking longer than what they were wanting.  The face surgery took a little more than 3 hours.  The eye took longer than they thought.  There was more damage to the eye and nose than what they thought.  They put plates and pins in his face and they may shift.  If they do, it means more surgery in the future.  In fixing the nose they had to pack it and because of the packing they put a trachea in which he will be breathing through for the next few days.  Until they can unpack.  He will be breathing through a ventilator. 
Pray the jaw does not go as long as expected because the doctors did not want to go longer than 10 hours.  They will because they started, but they really didn't want to. 

~ Angie Peterson

Want To Help?

If you live locally and have a desire to help the Romans, first we want to thank you for the support!  And I also want you to know the church is organizing the help, donations and services so we're not totally bombarded with phones calls, visits and food. 
The church, Coleman Wesleyan, has given us a list of services and a contact person to call if we're in need of that service.  That contact person has a list of volunteers who are willing to help.  So if you would like to be one of those volunteers, you need to get a hold of either the contact person or the church. 
The church office phone number is 989-465-6431 and office hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (according to their website, I do not know how current that is). 

The different areas of service that they have offered and contact person (for privacy sake, I am not posting first names or phone numbers.  If you want to help and do not know the person/number to contact, you can contact the church and they will put you in touch with the right person).

Childcare ~ J. Dana
Drivers (to take Michelle to appointments) ~ J. Rogers
Help at the Shop ~ B. Scott or R. Arrowood
Home Cleaning ~ K. Scott
Home Maintenance (snow shoveling etc.) ~ S. Shoemaker
Meals ~ D. Bovee
Schooling ~ J. Dana or K. Scott
Shopping ~ K. Scott

Thank you so much for the support thus far.  It has brought me to tears many times just seeing the love this community has poured out to my family. 

~ Angie Peterson

Ryan Surgery Update

I just got off the phone with Jan and this is Ryan's update as of 1:45pm.
Hip and legs are done.  He had the rod put in his leg.  She said if he is up to it, starting as early as tomorrow he can start putting weight on it!  Not a lot, it would be minimal . . . like from his bed to a wheelchair, or chair to toilet.
Everything is looking good at this point.  There has been a lot of blood loss, but that was anticipated.  It's a very bloody surgery.
The hand will not get done today, they ran out of time.
The facial team is in with him now.  They are trying to reposition him and then they will get started.  The facial team includes, ear, throat, nose and eye.  There is at least 3 hours left of surgery as of right now, 1 hour with the eye doctor and 2 with the oral surgeon. 
Keep the prayers going!

~ Angie Peterson

Update on Ryan's Surgery

We just got a call from Jan, Ryan's mom, that they are finished with the hip.  That part went well.  They had him propped up to lay on his side to work on the him. They are moving him over to start working on the legs.  The hand surgeon is waiting and the jaw surgeon was also on his way to the hospital.  The surgery got started around 8:15am.

~ Angie Peterson

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ryan's Surgeries

Ryan's surgeries start Saturday morning around 7:30am (eastern time) please be praying for him.  For sure his hip, pelvic are going to get done,  possibly his left arm and maybe even his jaw.  They said there is a lot on the agenda and the surgery could go as late as 3-4 in the afternoon.  Jan, Ryan's mom, will be down there for them.
If they get to the jaw, they will be wiring it shut.  So prayers that he does not get sick after the surgery. 
Thanks for the prayers!


Moving Out

Here's a picture of the entourage Michelle had when she was checking out of the hospital this afternoon.  We went straight from this hospital to Ryan's hospital in Flint.  The doctor said if Michelle was up for the drive, he thought she should be okay.  We told her if we get started and if at anytime she wanted to turn around to let us know and we would take her home.  She made it!  I rolled her into his room and he was surprised to see her.  He didn't even know she had been released at this point.  She started crying a little and he said, "What are you crying for little lady?"  I got her situated to talk to him and then left them to have some privacy.  I went back up about 20 minutes later and we stayed another hour! 
Michelle told me that during their private time she said, "Just think Ryan, we were only 20 minutes away from home.  20 minutes from unpacking our cars and going to bed together.  Just 20 minutes away from normal."  And that's when Ryan said, "Yeah, but I am just so blessed and thankful that the kids are all okay and you're okay.  I am thankful I got the worst of it."  He said he has had long recovery's before so he knows what's in store and he's ready to get started.
Before we left, I snagged a picture of the two of them.  I haven't posted any pictures up to this point because I felt I wanted Michelle to give me the okay . . . well tonight she thought it would be okay to post the picture.

We made it home and a friend had Aidan and Moriah out at the mall and a family member had Emma at the movies.  We had time to get Michelle situated and comfortable, pick up her prescriptions and get a cane/bathing chair from the American Legion before they came home.  The kids are so excited to have her home and even Aidan is willing to help out.  I got this picture of him helping his mom put on her slippers.

~  Angie Peterson


Michelle has been released from the hospital.  Mike and I are going down to pick her up as soon as we can. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea?

I noticed this sticker on Michelle's gown the night we arrived.  It was midnight, we were all tired and being the first time I was seeing her I felt there was other things to discuss.  When some nurses came in to adjust her positioning in bed, I heard one of them ask, "Did you get that sticker from X-Ray?"  Even though she responded in a raspy, quiet voice, I heard her say, "My son."  The next day I did ask, "Did Aidan get you that sticker from home or what?" She told me, "No, each kid was able to come in and say good-bye to me while we were in the ER.  Aidan was given the sticker from his X-ray and when he came in, he took it off himself and put it on me." 

Thursday, December 2nd

Today Mike and I spent the day at home with the kids.  In the morning Mike went through some of the stuff that came from the van.  Everything needs to be cleaned thoroughly because of glass, salt and other things from the accident.  I spent the morning going through the suitcases, doing laundry, taking calls, responding to emails and keeping track of the 3 kids.  In the afternoon, we took them down to the hospital to visit with Michelle after Aidan had his nap.  Michelle was going for a walk when we arrived.  I felt a little bad because Moriah wasn't sure she wanted to see her mom, so I told if she wanted to she could wait outside the room.  Well, when we were coming down the hallway Michelle was at the other end so there was no choice for Moriah, she was going to see her mom.  I think it was good for Mo to see her up and moving around.  I also feel it was good for them to see how much pain she is in as well as how little movement she has and how slow she is.  We made it to her room and Aidan snuggled right up with her in her bed.  He practiced giving her "soft" kisses so he wouldn't be so rough when he saw her.  He helped himself to Michelle's leftover lunch.  The nurse was so nice; she went and grabbed the kids some cookies, crackers and juice. 
Michelle's catheter was taken out today and she was eating well.  There is a possibility she will be released tomorrow.  Today she got a call from Ryan!  He didn't even have a phone in his room, so I asked how that was possible.  She said the doctor gave his phone to Ryan to use to call Michelle.  Ryan is supposed to have his jaw wired shut and won't be able to talk to her. She said it was short, she could tell he was tired and he said it was hard for him to hold the phone up.
After leaving the hospital we took the kids to Kohl's to get Moriah some new clothes.  The outfit they cut off of her in the ER was brand new so we wanted to replace it.  We also picked up night gowns for Michelle as she feels that is what she will be most comfortable in around the house. 
We want to thank whoever dropped off the KFC for dinner tonight.  It was nice to return home from shopping with the kids to that nice meal.  Sorry we weren't here to thank you in person! 
I did not hear a report on Ryan today. 

Update on the Kids

The kids are doing really well.  Emma (9) has verbalized most what happened and how she is feeling.  She told me tonight she wants to see her daddy.  We explained it's a long drive down to where he's at, but maybe we can send him a video.  She got excited and said she wants to see a video of him too.  She has cried every night before bed.  She really wants her family to be together for Christmas. Emma had a doctor's appointment this morning (Dec 1) to get checked out.  She was totally cleared!  Yah!  She was able to visit Michelle after the appointment too!  Moriah had a chance to go along and after thinking about it she decided to stay home. 
Moriah (7) is very introverted and has kept most of it in.  Tonight Emma said she wanted to see daddy, Moriah said, "I don't want to see daddy.  I'm afraid if I see him it will make me cry."  Emma questioned her about it, and Mo said, "Yeah, don't you remember? I wasn't crying but then I saw daddy and I started to cry."  Just the memory of it made her almost start to cry but she held it in.  I asked was this in the ER?  and she said No.  Then I asked, "In the van?"  And she said, "Yeah."  So then I continued, "Is that why you didn't want to see mommy today?  You thought you might cry?"  She said, "yeah." Since Emma came back with a positive report as to how their mom looks and is doing, I think that has encouraged her to go.  So we have plans to run them all down to the hospital tomorrow (Thursday).  As far as her dad goes, I told her one of the jokes he told me while there and she replied, "That doesn't sound like sick daddy, that sounds like normal daddy."  I think she was surprised.  We tried to explain that his body is injured, but his attitude, character and sense of humor are all in good shape. 
Aidan (2) remembers the accident.  He describes it too.  He's 2 so can't understand all he says, but I do get, "nannys and then CRASH!"  It hasn't affected the crashing he does with his toy cars at all though!  Today we called Michelle's room so Moriah and Aidan could talk to her on the phone.  When I was getting ready to leave fot the hospital he asked, "where you going?" I said, "I'm going to see mommy."  He said, "I want to see mommy."  I didn't think he'd understand the explanation we couldn't take him anywhere til he got a new car seat, but I said, "We'll take you soon." 

Wednesday, December 1st

Today Michelle was allowed more solid/liquids, like cream of wheat soup and pudding.  I wasn't sure if she would be up for it, but when she woke up she said she was ready to order breakfast.  Good sign!  After she ordered she said she was ready to do her breathing exercises.  She knows what's important and what needs to be done in order for her to get better.  Today, Mike, mom and I went to see Ryan so left Michelle for a few hours.  When we came back her IV was gone that was pumping her with her drug (a type of morphine).  I couldn't believe how much her facial expressions had come back, personality, alertness and energy!  She also told us she walked all the way to the water fountain and back (10-15 feet from her room!).  It was good to hear and I only wish I was there to see it.  Right now I believe she is only taking Motrin for pain.  Tomorrow she should have no restrictions on food. 
Mom has been staying at the hospital the entire visit.  The kids will ask occasionally if grandma is going to come home.  Emma said she is just concerned about the amount of sleep grandma is getting.  If you have been trying to call her on her cell, there are no cell phones allowed in Michelle's room.  Just an FYI as to why you haven't heard back from her.  
I'm copying and pasting an email from my younger sister about an update on Ryan . . . it's information she was given by Jan, Ryan's mom.

"I just got of the phone with Jan...most current update as of 12/1 about 2:15 - just cause things do change.  He first was going to have the jaw surgery but that has changed.  He has a surgical team assigned to him and the head doctor is named Wagner.  Tim's (Ryan's dad) brother Jim and wife Janet were able to talk with Dr. Wagner at the hospital today.  They are planning the pelvic and hip surgery for sometime this Sat.  They are hoping to do the hand surgery at the same time because it is the same guy that will do the pelvic and hip surgery and it should only add 15 to 20 min to do the hand surgery.  Eye Dr. came in today and Ryan's right eye is 20/20 but left eye is 20/70.  That may improve as swelling goes down and may get worse after the facial surgeries.  The dr. said if it gets worse he can get glasses.  They have been waiting on surgeries as they need the swelling to go down.  Every day Jan thinks he looks better.  Right now Ryan can't move and he lies flat on his back.  He does have a few vertebrae that are fractured in his neck.  Jan thinks things are coming together quickly as far as his first surgeries and all the help and support from people.  Nurses at Ryan's hospital are amazed at how stable he is for all the things that are wrong with him (praise the Lord!).  Tim and Jan are amazed at Ryan and Michelle's friends/family and how quickly everyone is helping out.

Things to pray for Ryan for...
1.  no infection
2. no bed sores
3. no pneumonia

Thanks, Liz"

Now, on to our visit with Ryan.  It was SO GOOD TO SEE HIM!!  To be totally honest, I was a bit nervous to go because people had told me he doesn't look like Ryan and his face was pretty messed up.  maybe those people didn't know what Ryan looked like because I thought he looked GREAT!  Now, great as in compared to what I was expecting.  And I was told a lot of swelling had gone down, so that helped.  From what I could tell it was only teeth on his left side that have been knocked out.  I do not know if they will have to take out the rest in order to fix his jaw.  He did not sound like himself because of the missing teeth.  He has 2 black eyes and his left arm/hand is totally swollen (that is the one that is broken). He had just awakened from a nap.  He told us he can go about 45 minutes then gets tired again.  He was in good spirits and was joking around with us. I had taken a picture of Michelle at the hospital holding some flowers he had sent her (I don't know who arranged that, but it was great) and he really liked seeing her.  I did ask him, "Did you know you sent her flowers?" and he replied a bit insulted, "Of course I know I sent her flowers."  Said, "She looks great."  Then I showed him a video I had taken that morning of Aidan.  I couldn't even believe how big of a smile that got out of him. He kept telling us over and over that he was thankful for what a blessing we've been.  I don't know if he, or Michelle for that matter, realize they couldn't have kept us away had they asked!  I read him some of his e-cards, we hung up some pictures of his family and had a chance to pray with/for him.  It was encouraging.  I really wish he was closer so we could make more visits.  Maybe we can get down there one more time before we leave.
We did talk about the accident for a little bit.  He asked how far from home were they and we told him 15 miles from Coleman.  He didn't know what hit him so we said a lady driving a Silverado truck.  He only said, "I just hope she's okay."  I couldn't believe it!  But that's Ryan for you.  Tim and Jan raised a good man.  I also asked if he would want me to record a small video message for me to take back to Michelle.  He did and it was adorable, he started off by saying, "Hey there pretty lady." 

~Angie Peterson