Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

If Michelle were totally honest, putting up a Christmas tree was the furthest thing on her mind.  When someone from the church asked her, while she was still in the hospital, if they could bring a tree, her response was, "yes, sure, whatever." 
When the church found out Michelle was being released from the hospital, they went into "turbo speed" to get the tree into the Roman's house.  Sure enough when we returned with Michelle there was a large Christmas tree sitting in the corner of the living room. 

We decided if everyone was up to it, we would decorate the tree on Saturday before Mike and I left.  Mike was determined to find Michelle's totes of Christmas ornaments and decorations.  He searched the garage, shed and even Chemloc (Ryan's work place, where they keep things in storage) .  Michelle was so exhausted she told Mike, "Just run to Dollar General and get new one's to use this year."  That wouldn't stop Mike's search; he eventually found everything he needed.  
We did everything "Roman" style; including all traditions they usually partake.  I made mugs of hot chocolate, we had Christmas music playing in the background and the girl's each picked out one of their dad's ornaments to hang on the tree first.   

 The finished product!
Looking back on that request to put up a tree and how unimportant it seemed at the time, she can't help but realize how grateful she is to have it!  She said it was soo good for the girls (and herself) to have the tree and that part of "normalcy" this time of year.  It has given them something to think about other than their current situation.  It has given them something to look forward to.  So thanks to all of those who came together to get the tree up.  Michelle, the girls and Aidan are very appreciative.

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