Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shave and a haircut...and some shopping too!

Today I began my physical therapy and it went really well. My dear friend Jenn took me to my appt. and then we were off to see Ryan. He has been begging for a haircut since his days at Hurley and Jenn said she would give him one. He has complained of being hot since day 1 and he was so thrilled to have his haircut! And it actually made him look more like the Ryan we know. Then somehow I ended up giving him a shave....he has been wanting that too. I think he's only been shaved once. It's hard for him to do, because he  wears a neck brace. They let him take the brace off if he lied down in bed and didn't turn his head. Let's just say I am not as good at shaving a face as Jenn is at cutting hair! It was like shaving a giant knee....you girls know what I mean! The three of us had fun together, as usual. Somewhere in there I know we threatened to sew up Ryan's lips since he was talking all too well with the jaws wired shut!

Since I've already mentioned my friend Jenn today, let me tell you a bit more about her. There are so many people who have helped us recently, but Jenn has been there from the start.....and she hasn't left my side since. Moments after she got the call at 11pm Sunday night she was on her way to the Midland ER. My family was several hours away and Ryan's family had to go to Flint and take care of our kids. Jenn stayed with me until I was settled into a room for the night. She offered to stay, but I told her I was alright. I heard her leave my room and tell the nurses she would be back in the morning and that if I needed anything before then they were to call her. She was back first thing in the morning and she stayed with me all day and on until midnignt, when my family arrived. I can't even tell you all she has done in the last 2 wks. I'm sure I don't even know it all. Before the accident I treasured our friendship. Since the accident I have been even more grateful for her loyalty and devotion as one of my dearest friends.

And now for the shopping!! Thanks to some other dear friends, Kim and Erika, the girls were able to do some Christmas shopping for each other and for their dear mommy :) The shopping was a success and they had a blast! Thank you so much!!



  1. Well, let me tell you a few things about my dear friend Michelle! She has been such an example to me when it comes to being a wife and a mom and a child of God. She passionately loves the Lord and tries her best to serve Him every day! She is the reason that Glen and I made the choice to homeschool our child and it is a decision that we will never regret because we love having him with us every day! Her and Ryan are so in love with each other even after being married for 12 yrs! They are such an example to other married couples! Everyone who knows Michelle loves her and I am so glad that the Lord brought her into my life. She has been one of the best things to enter my life since my son was born! I love you friend:)

  2. What precious words of love (the post and the comment) from 2 very special women. You are both such a blessing. So very thankful God is fulfilling His purposes through you. It is a beautiful thing to witness!

  3. Oh Jenn, I just started my day with tears!! You are such a sweetie!! I never would have imagined all God had planned for us when He brought us together years ago!! I am so glad He did! I love you!

  4. I just had to start your day with tears because you started mine with them! Just payin ya back:)