Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday, December 9th

The girl's made it down to Flint and they got to see their dad for the first time.  The visit went really well and I think it did them all good (Ryan included).  Ryan did discuss the accident and each shared what they remembered.  Ryan told the girls he was very proud of the way the girls behaved the night of the accident and how good they have been since then. 
Everyone at the hospital is amazed at how well Ryan is doing after all he has been through.  All the nurses LOVE him and were heartbroken when they found out he was married.  I think Michelle put a stop to all future sponge baths.  When Ryan moved last night from the trauma unit on the floor to the non-trauma side he had a new roommate.  Of course, Ryan was up for a conversation.  Michelle learned from the roommate this morning that he was tired and frustrated as he was spending the night in the hospital and having to change plans for a trip to Florida.  He said after hearing Ryan's story and his attitude about it, there was no way he was going to feel sorry for himself.  Ryan's story was inspirational to the new roommate.

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