Sunday, December 5, 2010

From Michelle

Usually on a Sunday morning you would find the Roman family going to church together.  Last Sunday,   November 28th, was different.  We had been in Illinois for our Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration with my family.  Ryan and I met our new niece for the first time and we learned that we are soon to be an aunt and uncle again!  Oh the joy!  Leaving Illinois that day I never imagined what our journey had in store for us.  During our journey back to Coleman we made a final stop in Marshall, MI.  The kids picked out a snack for the last leg of the trip.  We laughed as Aidan practically threw his snack of choice (Cheetos for you inquiring minds) up onto the counter to pay.  Ryan and I held hands and even shared a kiss or two while we let the kiddos stretch their legs.  As we walked out 2 ladies watched us with smiles that said a "What a cute family."  Could life get any better than this?   I was so thankful for my family.
Once we were back in the van Ryan asked if I wanted a coffee from Big B ~ he knows I love a treat!  I debated and finally decided no - it wasn't worth the calories.  If I could do it over again I'd get one ~ even if it was a million calories!  About an hour and a half after that stop in Marshall the accident happened.  Instead of all of us sleeping in our home, Ryan spent the night at Hurley Medical Center, I was in Midland Hospital and our children were with family members.
Today is one week ~ Just 7 days from the accident but what an absolutely incredible week.  Let me tell you all why . . .
Our God is at work!  We serve an awesome and mighty God.  All 3 of our children came out practically unscathed and I with only minor injuries - Praise God!  And Ryan, his injuries are so much more severe, but he is alive!  Some bones may be broken and crushed but his spirit, personality and sense of humor are not and neither is his love for us or his God.
When I saw him on Friday, my husband laid on his bed broken and bruised; he told me how blessed and thankful he is - - that is the man I fell in love with and married!
God has carried us through week 1.  He has used so many people to help with the carrying . . . . here are a few.
Our Family ~ Ryan and I have THE BEST families around!  They have been working tirelessly since last week.
Our Peeps ~ You know who you are.  Muah!
Our Church Family ~ Let me just say WOW!  WOW!!  WOW!!!  You guys have anticipated needs and met them before they even arise.
Fellow Believers ~ Our dear brothers and sisters in Christ, thank you for your prayer support.  Whether you are here in Coleman or somewhere else in the US - Thank you!
Coleman Community - Being in a small town is the best and Coleman community rocks!  Thanks for your love and support
Thank you for your visits, prayers, love, cards and meals.
The road ahead is long, but we do not go alone.  Please pray that God will make me into the wife Ryan needs and the mother our children need. 

~ Michelle Roman


  1. Michelle and Ryan,
    Words can not express the love we have for all of you. We are thankful you are all still with us and know that God is and will be praised. You are all so precious to him and to us. You are CONSTANTLY in our thoughts, hearts, and prayers. Our love runneth over:D
    The blessings are abundant.
    The prayers are never ceasing.
    Our God is amazing and unchanging.PTL!!
    We are here for you.
    We love you, our wonderful friends!
    The Kleinhardt's

  2. Dear, dear Romans - ALL of you. How very loved you all are and what an incredible witness you have been and continue to be to the faithfulness of an amazing God; s witness of a unquenchable faith, an enduring love and a steadfast HOPE! We stand with you in praise and awe before the goodness and grace of our loving Father.

  3. Hey guys- We have a ministry team at our church who pray specifically for those who need physical healing. I told them about your family today, and they are praying for amazing complete healings for you!

  4. Very well said, Michelle. You guys are living out your faith for many to see. It's a beautiful thing. Your children will forever remember this time and it will be filled with memories of how you and Ryan showed your faith and were strong. Way to go you guys! Thank you Jesus for this big miracle before our eyes. You are GOD!

  5. Continuing to pray and praise! What a WONDERFUL Christian example you and Ryan are, Michelle.

  6. Michelle! I am soooo thankful you all are alive and what God is doing through you through this! I am thankful to be your friend! Reading this...I can totally see all of this in you guys! LOVE YOU GUYS soooooo much! I so wish I could see you and give you a big hug! is my love, a big hug for you and your family! We continue to pray for all of you! Blessings on you and your family!!