Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ryan Surgery Update

I just got off the phone with Jan and this is Ryan's update as of 1:45pm.
Hip and legs are done.  He had the rod put in his leg.  She said if he is up to it, starting as early as tomorrow he can start putting weight on it!  Not a lot, it would be minimal . . . like from his bed to a wheelchair, or chair to toilet.
Everything is looking good at this point.  There has been a lot of blood loss, but that was anticipated.  It's a very bloody surgery.
The hand will not get done today, they ran out of time.
The facial team is in with him now.  They are trying to reposition him and then they will get started.  The facial team includes, ear, throat, nose and eye.  There is at least 3 hours left of surgery as of right now, 1 hour with the eye doctor and 2 with the oral surgeon. 
Keep the prayers going!

~ Angie Peterson

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