Monday, January 31, 2011

Today Ryan and I both had a doctor's appointment. His was with the opthamologist, and good news there!! His vision in the left eye has improved since his last visit!! There is a possibility of doing surgery to help the eyelid open up a bit more, but that is just a possibility at this point. They will see him again in a few months.

My appt was with the orthopaedic surgeon. He did do xrays on the right shoulder, the side that wasn't broken, but is having pain. The physical therapist thought perhaps there was a dislocation. The good news is there is no fracture or dislocation! To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to them putting back anything that was dislocated!! So I was glad to hear there wasn't a dislocation, or a fracture that may need surgery.  However, that leaves us with they don't know what is causing the pain....and that is a bit disappointing. The Dr. does think there is a sprain in the rotator cuff, but he also wants me to see a rehab dr. that will be able to look into the head/neck/shoulder pain. I will see them next Monday. Thankfully the pain has not been as bad as it was last weekend, but it is for the most part constant.

We did have a great weekend here together! It was relaxing and low key, which is just what we needed! Sunday morning Ryan was whisking eggs, Emma was unloading the dishwasher and I was slicing bread for toast. Those two were singing John Denver's Country Roads. I couldn't help but smile as I was enjoying doing an "everyday" task, with those I love most on this earth!

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the weekend:

"I definitely shouldn't drive for awhile."--Ryan, after playing Mario Kart

"Daddy sleep at Gr's? Daddy sleep in he bed? Oh! Good night, Daddy."--Aiden

"Oh buddy, you can't tackle daddy just yet!" --Ryan, just after being tackled by Aiden

"I'll come up and give you a kiss daddy because you can't come down and give me one."--Moriah, from the bottom bunk at bedtime

"You just wait, I may not be able to get you now, but in a few months when you can rough tough tackle....ooohh, I'll really getcha' then!"--Emma to Ryan

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig!!

Yesterday was 2 months since the accident, and Ryan finally made it home!! We've decided 2 months late is better than never!! Emma was busy making some welcome home signs and decorations. She had a bit of help from Mr. Brian Scott!!!

Friday nights are usually our Pizza/Movie night. We usually make a frozen pizza, or for a special treat we order from Pizza Man's! Then we watch a family movie. Last night we had dinner with his parents before we left and then we came home to watch one of the latest Veggie Tales, Abe and the Big Promise. Today we slept in and we have just enjoyed being together in our home! Ryan and I have always tried to appreciate each other and the time we have together, and to not take it for granted. Since the accident we treasure our time together all the more.

Today we had Ryan's new Michigan cup filled with his favorite soda, a fountain Cherry Pepsi from the Shell. Uncle Jim brought him a 3 Musketeers and he cut it up with a knife so he could eat it!

His appointments in Flint went well last week. The hardware is off the teeth and the cast if off the hand. We should not have to go back to see those doctors unless there are issues. I  liked both Dr. Morris and Dr. Stewart and I am thankful for the work they did for my husband!

Many people have asked what kind of foods Ryan is eating now. Last night he had his first chocolate chip cookie!! He's had some chili cheese fries from the A & W. Doesn't sound like he's eating too healthy, but he does have about 20 lbs to gain! He eats a lot of eggs, and still has protein shakes. He had scalloped potatoes and ham today for lunch and asian chicken with rice and veggies for dinner. He is so slow!! It takes him forever to eat a meal!

Monday I will see the dr. about my right shoulder. Please be praying the problem is found and can be taken care of quickly! Also on Monday Ryan has another visit to the opthamologist for his left eye. His vision in that eye has still not completely returned, but he does think it has improved. We'll find out for sure on Monday.

Thank you for sharing in this journey with us! Thank you for praying, for visiting, helping with meals and housework, sending cards and encouraging words. Thank you for sharing in our joy to be together again as a family!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I have been kind of quiet lately. This single mom life is exhausting! To be honest, once the kids are in bed, and I have a few moments to myself, I don't feel much like getting on the computer! However, I have been wanting to keep you all updated!

Ryan is planning on coming home on Friday! We are quite excited to have him coming home! He has come here twice for visits this last week. He came once with the therapists to see what we could do to make our home ready for him. This weekend he came home to visit for a few hours on Saturday. He has done well here and that makes me feel less nervous about him coming home to stay. He is excited and a little nervous to be coming home. He feels secure at Tim and Jan's and he has learned to get around there very well. I am sure he will adjust quickly to his new surroundings!! It will help that he has been able to come here for a couple of practice runs!

As for me, this last week I have noticed that the pain in my neck and shoulders has been getting worse and not better. My right arm is considerably weaker than my left, even though the left shoulder blade is the one that was fractured.  The physical therapist is in the process of talking with the dr.'s office to see about having an xray or an mri done on the right shoulder. I should know more about that soon.

Saturday night I was feeling the worst that I had felt in awhile. It was much like when I first came home from the hospital. So Sunday we stayed in all day to rest up. We even stayed in our jammies all day! That is not like me at all! To be in my pj's past 10 am really bugs me! I don't mind wearing my comfy "stay at home" clothes all day, but I do have to put those on so I feel dressed. Not this Sunday! That's just one of the ways life has changed since the accident! And it didn't bother me that the kids played wii and watched tv all day!That would normally irritate me quite a bit! It was good to have a relaxing, restful day inside!

Tomorrow we will spend the day in Flint. Ryan has an appointment to have the cast taken off of his arm and another appointment to have the hardware taken off his teeth! He will be so happy to have the hardware taken off his teeth! Also, today he started walking with a cane! He is improving daily, which is very encouraging to see!

In other news from the Roman home, Emma has been taking a biology class in Midland. This class is in additon to the science we do at home. She has a strong interest in life science and she dreams of being a vet. I thought this biology class would be a fun extra curricular activity for her....and I was right! The teacher is amazing! She loves science and she is awesome with the kids! Last week they made an edible cell and here are some pics:  The nucleus is a whopper, the sprinkles are ribosomes, and the jello is the cytoplasm. Very cute idea!

Saturday, the girls went roller skating to celebrate their friend Annabelle's birthday. As we were dropping them off, the girls were talking about the last time we had been skating which was for Emma's 9th birthday. Ryan and I laughed as we remembered this story.  Moriah was 6 years old at the time, and it was her first time roller skating. During the session they called a "crazy trio" skate in which a trio skates together and they change directions when a whistle is blown.  Emma was out there with 2 of her friends, and the other trios were mainly big kids who were skating fast and whipping around when the whistle was blown. Who else was out there in the midst of crazy trio skate by herself...Moriah! Being the good mom that I am, I just laughed when I saw her! She was alone, and trying to get off the rink, but she kept turning around whenever they blew the whistle and she couldn't make it to an exit! She was so frustrated at the whistle blower because just as she would get herself all turned around he'd blow it again! Finally, she looked at me from the middle of the rink and threw her arms down in frustration and then I saw Emma and her friends come by and rescue Moriah and help her to the exit. Big sister saved the day!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Prayer Quilt

It's too small to read, but the card in the picture above reads:
Prayer Quilt
Simply Tie a knot on the quilt
while saying a prayer for the Roman Family.

 A dear friend of mine, Susan, put together this prayer quilt for us. It is such a precious gift! The quilt was in the foyer of our church for a couple weeks and anyone was welcome to tie a knot.

This little cutie tried to tie a knot or two!

Moriah tied a knot and prayed that daddy would get better and come home soon.
Emma prayed that daddy would be home for Christmas while she tied her knot.

Here it is all finished! This quilt represents the many prayers that have been said on behalf of our family.
It not only represents the prayers of people here in Coleman that were able to tie a knot on the quilt, but also the prayers of our dear family, friends and fellow believers across the United States, and around the world. To those of you who have prayed for us, I thank you!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's been awhile since I have been able to post, but here's the latest!! He's walking!!

Our computer power cord cracked and died so I have been without a computer most of this week. That got me thinking about all of the things that have died in the last few weeks, and it's kinda crazy! The furnace quit working, the dishwasher broke, my cell phone battery needed to be replaced, the toilet needed a new seal, the bathroom sink had a leak, and the computer cord.......REALLY?? Thankfully, all of the above things have now been repaired/replaced, except the dishwasher, and that is on the schedule for Monday.

So, back to Ryan. He is up and walking! Today he had a shower! The first one in almost 7 weeks!! Not sure who is happier about the or him!

He started walking on Tuesday, and Wednesday he woke up really sore. Although Ryan has had relatively little pain, he does wake up stiff and sore. Wednesday he was feeling pretty rough and  he asked for some Tylenol.  Wednesday was a long day for him. He had an opthamologist appt. and a CT scan was ordered by the ENT surgeon.

Tonight we had a birthday party! Grandma Ruthie is 83 today! We met at her place for pizza and chocolate cream pie.

She looked so cute tonight!

Here's Ryan talking with his other Grandma (in the blue sweater.) The woman behind them is Grandma Ruthie's neighbor.

Joy, Uncle David, and Jared
Me and my honey!

Of course there was cake!

And singing too!

Before we left Grandma Ruthie wanted to share something with us. She said that as she thought back on what happened that night, she thought of Emma, asking a paramedic to pray with her. That moment, when Emma asked for prayer, was the beginning of our family's healing. It began with a child, our 9yr old daughter, asking a stranger to pray for her family.

Later, on the way home, I asked Emma if she remembered the paramedic's prayer. She said she couldn't remember it. She did say she asked him to pray while she was still in the van, and he told her they would pray just a bit later.  In the ambulance she asked him again, because she thought he had forgotten. That is when they prayed together.

Immediately after the accident, Ryan and I were not able to pray. Ryan was seriously injured, and I was unconscious. How absolutely precious to know that our daughter, our Emma girl, knew what was needed most at that time. She knew what mom and dad would be doing if they could. She carried on when we could not, and that brings such joy to my heart!

Tonight was the first time our family was all in one vehicle together since the accident, and it was GREAT!  Uncle David commented as we were leaving how wonderful it was to see all of us out and about together. It made us sad to leave him at his parents again. As we left the driveway Aiden said, "My daddy!"  We are all missing his daddy!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Best Grilled Cheese Ever!

Today was the day! The oral surgeon cut the wires on Ryan's jaw! As planned, he left the hardware on just in case there is an issue that would need to be taken care of. The hardware will be removed in 2 weeks if nothing comes up.

Jan and I were planning on taking Ryan to Flint, however, last night Jared offered to take him so we took the day off and let the boys go together.  I sent the camera so they could get pics. They took some "before" pictures, and to be honest, they were just too scary to put on here!! Yikes!! So I will just share the "after" pics that I took this evening:

Look at that!! After 5weeks of being shut his mouth his open!! As I looked at this picture I realize the Tshirt he's wearing his pretty old...and Brad will probably recognize it!!

Here it is....the moment he's been waiting for....... look at that ooey gooey cheese!!!  Does that not look like the best grilled cheese ever?!?!

This is the first time since the accident he has had solid food and he drank something w/o a straw!! Isn't that crazy to think about? If I remember correctly I think the last thing he ate was Subway for lunch on the way home.

His mouth doesn't open real wide yet...hard to believe for anyone who knows Ryan, I know!! Everything tasted good to him, he just didn't eat the crust of his sandwich because it was a bit too hard to chew.

Honestly, it was also a bit difficult for me to see him tonight. They may have fixed the jaw, but his teeth are not very straight. He also spoke with a bit of a lisp. It has been mentioned that he may need speech therapy, so maybe that will help.  Also, with his jaw being open it was more obvious that left side of his face doesn't match the right. I am so thankful for the words that I read from my Aunt Mary this morning, "Although some things will never be the same, the important things will be better."

Since Jared took Ryan to Flint, I had the day off. My "day off"  became our first day of school! Yep, our Christmas break, that began just after Thanksgiving, is now over! And we made it through 2 subjects!!  It was good to be doing some of our "normal" activities again.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Coffee, Calories, and Wii

My sister Liz and her husband Scott and my sweet little niece, Emily, were here last week.  Little Emily is only 6wks old which makes the trip up here much more exciting! They were so much help to me this week and it was just good for me to have them here. Liz kept busy helping with housework and Scott took care of several jobs on Ryan's to do list. They sure do spoil us!!

Most nights, after we would get the little ones snuggled in bed, we would have some grown up fun!! Scott would make a pot of coffee (decaf of course!) and we would pull out some sort of yummy snack and start up the wii! There were lots of laughs as Scott tried to help me w/ my Dr. Mario game (bad move, bad move, another bad move, oh, good one!) Most nights I also had the chance to snuggle with Emily while Scott was hunting for the trophy buck with Ryan's hunting game. I'm going to miss our coffee, calories, and wii nights! Last night about 9pm I was craving some coffee and Emily snuggles!!

Here are some pictures from our week with the Hostetler's:

Our niece, Emily Alondra!! Isn't she cute? Don't ya just love the rooster hair??

Here's Ryan with our little niece

And all the Roman clan with Miss Emily

I have enjoyed the visits from my mom, my sisters, and their husbands. They have been a tremendous help to our family. Although we would prefer different circumstances, the time shared with each of them will always be treasured. Thanks Hostetler's for coming up to Michigan! We loved having you here! We love you and miss you!

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Weekend is Off to a Great Start!

Today has been an exciting day!! Ryan had his follow up visit with the orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Burton. Dr. Burton did the surgery on Ryan's left hip and put the rod in his right leg. Today they did x-rays and the bones are healing nicely. They are doing so well in fact that Dr. Burton lifted all weight bearing restrictions!! Yep, Ryan can start bearing full weight on both legs as much as he can tolerate!! Do you realize it has not even been 6 full weeks since the accident?!?!  I am so excited for him!! And he was also given the okay to go without the neck brace! Ryan was so tired of that thing that I'm pretty sure he was going to just stop wearing it whether he had permission or not!

The only concern the doctor found was in his hip. Instead of scar tissue developing his body is growing new bone. Dr. Burton said he doesn't know why that happens sometimes, but it does. He said it is also occurs most commonly in the hip. They will watch it, and if it continues to grow too much, they will go in and remove it. Of course we know our God can cause the bone to stop growing right now if He chooses!

All in all it was a very exciting day!! And to top it off on Monday he gets the wires cut on his jaw! He's asked for grilled cheese and french fries. I'm pretty sure we can make that happen!

Thanks for your prayers!!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Updates and Prayer Requests

Thank you so much for allowing me to be open and for sharing words of encouragement! Please don't think that I have ever not been honest on here, but sometimes it is difficult for me to openly share some things. I don't want to be complaining, we have so much to be thankful for. I also try to be careful about not focusing on the negative. It is much too easy for my mind to go places it shouldn't when I think of my concerns instead of focusing on God and who He is and what He has done.

Yesterday I had an appt with my chiropractor. I have been going to him for awhile, but this was the first time I have seen him since the accident.  I have been having a lot of pain in my neck, shoulders and up into the back of my head and behind my ear. He told me that my atlas bone (which is the very top of the spine) is tilted up into my skull. The skull sits on top of the atlas, and their is another small bone that comes off the atlas and the scapula muscle is attached to that bone. The scapula muscle runs down the neck and shoulder! That would be why my neck and shoulders have been hurting!! I was so excited to know what the problem is and that he can try to move it back! It was the first time an adjustment was painful!

Ryan had an appt with the ear, nose, throat surgeon today. Scott, Liz's husband, took him and gave me the day off! The surgeon said Ryan was looking much better than the last time he saw him! Ryan had crushed cheek bones and also a broken eye socket. The surgeon said he had a difficult time pulling the eye socket out of the eye...ughh! He put 3 plates around the eye, one on top, on the side and one below. He also worked on the nose and sinus cavities. He said it seems as if the bones are healing nicely. Ryan had a broken ear drum in the right ear. His hearing is still not as clear as before. The doctor checked his ear and said the eardrum looks good, but there is scar tissue. He will go back in 6 wks for a hearing check and xrays. Please be praying for his hearing in his right ear, and the vision in the left eye. He is going to be seen by an opthamologist yet on that. Apparently Ryan was feeling a bit like himself today, Scott said that Ryan was cracking jokes with the doctor and the nurse. The nurse asked if his wife was in the accident also. Ryan said that I was and told her of my injuries. Ryan added, "She's still beautiful! It's too bad that I didn't come out looking as good as her!"

I didn't see Ryan today, but we talked on the phone. It's like our dating days again!! He said he is ready to feel even just a little "normal" again. Funny how that seems to be a theme with our family lately! Please be praying for him in this area. He healed so quickly at first, that I think now as all he can do is wait until he can begin to bear weight on his legs, or wait for his mouth to be open, it may be easier for him to become discouraged or frustrated. Only a few more days until the jaws are open! I can't wait for him to be able to have those wires cut!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Updates and Prayer Requests

Tonight I wanted to update you, and share a few prayer requests. I have tried not to share to many requests concerning me or the children, only because when compared to what Ryan is going through, our needs seem insignificant. Well, I have been told by a certain sister that I should be sharing these concerns with you as well.

Today I had a follow up with the orthopedic surgeon concerning the fractured shoulder.....and I drove myself there!  He said it looks good and he gave me the okay to start some strength training in physical therapy. All of Ryan's appointments last week went well. Our last appt of the week was with Dr. Jordahl, and to sum it up he said, "Considering what he has been through, he looks pretty good!"

Although Ryan's appointments went well, there are usually some words about what "doctors say" may happen. I like to be clear between what the "doctors say" and what God says....they aren't always the same!
Here are a few things that the "doctors say" may be a concern: The oral surgeon has said that he may have issues with some teeth because of the fracture to the lower jaw. There are no signs of trouble right now, but it could show itself in 2yrs, 5 yrs or 10yrs down the road, or maybe never.

Another request for Ryan would be for protection against any stomach bug/flu. If they have to cut  the wires on his teeth early for vomiting, he has to go back and have it all put on again! The wires are scheduled to be cut Jan. 10.

As for me, I have been getting better each day. A day or two after Christmas I really started to feel like myself again, both mentally and physically. Then a few days later I felt as if I had taken a few steps backward.  That was discouraging. However, today has been a good day. I still have pain in my ribs and neck. My brain still seems to be working in slower motion that before the has improved, but not quite up to speed yet!

As I begin moving back into "normal" life I am surprised by how strange some everday tasks seem. Last week I returned books to the library. It was the first time I had been inside the library since the accident. For the last couple years the kids and I  have been going to the library almost weekly, yet during this first visit back it seemed almost unfamiliar to me. I would appreciate your prayers during this time of re-adjusting to normal life.

Another concern is for our children. They are thrilled to have daddy back in Coleman, yet life is still very different for them.  They don't fully realize what could have happened that night to their daddy, and so it isn't as easy for them to just be thankful he's alive. There are still many tears here because little girls are missing their daddy. They miss sitting in his lap for Friday night movie night. They miss him stealing their popcorn during the movie. They miss his big hugs when he comes home from work, rough tough tackling with him in the living room, and stories at bedtime.  I try to remind them to be thankful that we do have hope of him coming home to do all of those things again one day.

Another area concerning the children is the craziness of our schedule and their daily lives since the accident. As a homeschooling family we typically spend quite a bit of time together at home. These last few weeks they  have been bopping around between different homes (which I am very thankful for!) while we travel to appointments. My Moriah is especially a homebody and this is an area that is difficult for her. She said last week, " I feel like I am spending more time with everyone else's mom instead of my own." Keep them in mind as we have a week full of appointments ahead.

This healing for our bodies, hearts, and minds will take some time. Thank you again for your prayers and your words of encouragement as we continue on to complete recovery in Christ's name!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Year's End

This is a little late, but after long days of being away from home, I don't always feel like posting on the blog once I come home.  But here's what I was thinking a few days ago!

To close out the year, Ryan had a visit with his family doctor in Midland. It was the first time he has seen his doctor since the accident, although we had contact with his office several times since coming home. Towards the end of the visit, Dr. Jordahl mentioned the difference in Ryan compared to some other patients he has treated. He said, "You know the main difference is, that as a Christian, you have hope. Being a Christian does not mean you will not have trying times, but God enables you to cope with difficult circumstances."  Again we were reminded how thankful we are to have a faithful God who goes with us, each step of the way. It does make such a difference in our lives!

Later, while reading a book, The Valley of Vision, I came across this prayer, which sums up the desire of our hearts through these last few weeks.

Year's End

Thou art good when thou givest,
when thou takest away,
when the sun shines upon me,
when night gathers over me.
Thou hast loved me before the foundation of the world,
and in love didst redeem my soul.
Thou dost love me still,
in spite of my hard heart, ingratitude, distrust.
Thy goodness has been with me another year,
leading me through a twisting wilderness,
in retreat helping me to advance,
when beaten back making sure headway.
Thy goodness will be with me in the year ahead;
I hoist sail and draw up anchor,
With thee as the blessed pilot of my future as my past.
I bless thee that thou hast veiled my eyes to the waters ahead.
If thou hast appointed storms of tribulation,
thou wilt be with me in them.;
If I have to pass through tempests of persuction and temptation,
I shall not drown;
If I am to die,
I shall see thy face all the sooner;
If a painful end is to be my lot,
grant me grace that my faith fail not;
If I am to be cast aside from the service I love,
I can make no stipulation;
Only glorify thyself in me whether in comfort or trial,
as a chosen vessel meet always for thy use.