Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pies as Good as Grandma's....Almost!

One of the classes we do together with our homeschool co-op is designed to teach the children various life skills. They have made journals and had journaling assignments, and they have planted seeds and kept track of the growing seedlings. For our most recent class we learned about pie baking. Isn't baking pies a much needed life skill?? I believe all of their daddie think so!

And when it comes to baking pies, is there anyone who does it better than Grandma? Grandma graciously shared her time with us to come teach the kids the secrets to baking a delicous pie. By the end of they day, the kids made pies that looked as good as Grandma's!

Friday, April 27, 2012


 It's been a long time since we have taken the kids bowling and they have been wanting to go for awhile. We had some time between basketball games last weekend and we took them out for some family fun. The girls have been bowling before, but it was Aiden's first time.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week 28

This week we added Israel taken into captivity by Assyria to our timeline.
We also read about Jonah, King Hezekiah, and the Assyrian Empire.

Here is Emma's page on Jonah.
This is Moriah's page.

While the girls were studying Bible history, Aiden studied the Playmobil catalog.

Scripture Memory: Isaiah 40:21-24
Greek Word: techne--art or skill
Read-aloud: The Children's Homer...still! The girls are really enjoying it!
Emma did great on a grammar test this week!
Moriah has been reviewing the different types of sentences.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weeks 26-27

Our history studies include:
Naboth's Vineyard
Elisha's Servant

This is Moriah's page on Elijah.
This is Emma's page.

Other studies include:

Scripture Memory: Isaiah 40:21-24
Greek Root Words: chronos--time and para--along, beside, with
Read-aloud: The Children's Homer
Moriah is learning to add and subtract like fractions in math.
Emma is reviewing decimals.

Emma had this poem in one of her grammar lessons.

Three Gates

If you are tempted to reveal
A tale to you someone has told
About another, make it pass,
Before you speak, three gates of gold.

These narrow gates: First, "Is it true?"
Then, "Is it needful?" In your mind
Give truthful answer. And the next
Is last and narrowest, "Is it kind?"

And if to reach your lips at last
It passes through these gateways three,
Then you may tell the tale, nor fear
What the result of speech may be.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Weeks 24-25

With Ryan being back in physical therapy we have to squeeze in school whenever (and wherever!) we can!
Our routine is not very regular right now and we are trying to make the best of it!

Here's a bit of what we covered in history during Weeks 24 and 25.

David and Bathsheba
King Solomon
Israel divides into 2 kingdoms

This is Moriah's page on King Solomon.
This is Emma's.

Our studies also included:

Scripture Memory: Psalm 1
Read-aloud: The Children's Homer
Greek Root Words: astron--star and dendron-- tree

Star Wars

Recently for a family movie night, we watched Star Wars!
Our kids have never seen it, but they have had a growing interest over the last few months.

We realized the seriousness of their interest when the girls had a friend over and as we drove home they  giggled and discussed Star Wars. Yep, Star Wars! Knowing Uncle Mike would be impressed, we called him and shared the conversation we overheard in our van. Then we made plans for them to watch it for themselves. We decided we would watch the original Star Wars for our next family move night!

Some of our favorite quotes from that night:

When Luke Skywalker was first seen on screen, before the audience knows his name, Moriah said,
"Is that Luke? I bet that's Luke!!"

Then when she did discover it was indeed Luke, she exclaimed, "It IS Luke!! OH! You don't know how long I have waited for this!!"

She shared similar sentiments when she realized that Old Ben Kanobe, was Obe Won Kanobe.

We haven't let them watch the next one just yet. We'll keep them hanging for a little while!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


"Now this day will be a memorial to you, and you shall celebrate it as a feast to the Lord; throughout your generations you are to celebrate it as a permanent ordinance"
(Exodus 12:14)

In our study of Old Testament history we are celebrating some of the biblical feasts.
The Jewish days begin at sundown, so Passover began at sundown on Good Friday.
That night we were supposed to clean the house and remove any leavened bread.
I broke up an English muffin and left pieces around the kitchen for the kids to find.
They were supposed to hunt for the leavened bread by candlelight and put anything they found into a paper bag.

In the Bible, leaven often symbolized sin (see Matt 16:6, 1 Cor. 5:8.) In the morning, we took our bag of leavened bread outside to the fire pit and we burned it. This was to symbolize the Passover Lamb, Jesus Christ, cleansing us from our sin, making us unleavened.

Later that day we had our Passover meal. Moriah was hoping for lamb, but I haven't done lamb before and I just wasn't up for trying that yet! I decided to have roasted chicken with red potatoes and carrots.
We also made some of the traditional Passover items, like charoseth, which is made from apples, walnuts and brown sugar. It symbolizes the mortar the Israelites worked with as slaves in Egypt.

I also bought matzoh bread (unleavened bread) at the grocery store for our dinner.
The kids all liked it, but the next day Emma was examining the package and found that it was marked
"Not for Passover Use"

As we ate our dinner together that night by candlelight, we talked about the Israelites living in Egypt.
They were living in bondage, as slaves to the Egyptians.
God wanted to remove them from bondage and lead them to a land that He had promised them.
However, Pharoah refused to let them leave Egypt, and God was coming to strike down all the first born in Egypt that night. He told the Israelites to sacrifice a lamb, and put the blood of the lamb on their doorposts. Upon seeing the blood, God would pass over their house and they would be protected from the judgement of death.

It is such a beautiful picture of One who would come to rescue all of mankind out of bondage to sin and protect us from the judgement of death. Christ, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world, came to be our Passover Lamb. For those who choose to stand under the covering of His blood, God will pass over them with His judgement of death. He will free them from bondage to sin, and lead them to His promised land.

Celebrating Passover made our Easter weekend much more meaningful. Our Passover meal was such a beautiful and quiet time together, and it prepared our hearts for the next morning, Resurrection Sunday.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter 2012

Coloring eggs
Getting ready to hunt for their baskets
The cowboy found his!
Getting the rules for the egg hunt!
Someone is trying to sneak a peek!!
They're negotiating over the chocolate and the twizzlers.
Emma found the golden egg!
Bingo buddies!
Baseball with a broom stick....that went well!

The Weekend Update

This weekend has been exciting! We have a new niece!
She arrived yesterday morning and she and her mama are doing great.
They should be going home tomorrow.
We have been able to skype with them, and she is BEAUTIFUL!!
We can't wait to meet her!

As for Ryan, he wants to be done with the pain meds, so he didn't take any before bed on Thursday.
He didn't sleep well at all that night!
Friday he was looking rough and moving kind of slow. His physical therapist lightened things up for him that day. He learned his lesson and took 1/2 dose of his pain meds before bed Friday night and he had a great night's sleep!

This week he has been using just one crutch and hopefully soon he'll be using the cane.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Upward Basketball 2012

This was our third year playing Upward basketball. The girls had a blast!
They both had great coaches and great teammates!

On the day of the first game, as soon as Moriah's eyes popped open, she said, "I just need to know if I can steal on the dribble." It was as if she had been thinking about it all night! She probably was! That girl sure does like to steal the ball!

Here she is, my lil' number 15!

Moriah had several of her friends on her team this year, and here she is with one of them!
 Emma's team being silly at half time!
Here's Emma in action!
As we went to the awards ceremony later that night, I couldn't help but think about next year's ceremony being  Emma's last one! She'll age out of Upward next year!
Big. Big. Sigh. 
My baby's growing up! 

Cooker A.D.

In the last few weeks Aiden has been playing "Cooker A.D."
When he wants to help me cook, he runs to put on his Michigan cap, which he calls his chef hat.
He climbs up on a stool and asks, "Now what do we do, Cooker Mom?"

The Weekend Update

Spring activities are keeping us busy these days!
The girls are playing softball and just yesterday they finished up another year of Upward basketball.
We are still keeping up with school and Ryan's physical therapy appointments.

Ryan is doing really well! Last week as I watched him walk out from physical therapy I thought he looked taller than when he went in! From a distance, he looked like the before accident Ryan! He's still using his crutches and hopefully soon he'll transiton to the cane.

His measurements at physical therapy are improving. His therapist asked him to bend down on his right knee and as he was going the therapist commented, "Well, you're doing that quicker! The first time I had you do that it took you like 3 minutes to get down there!"  
That's when I smiled and asked, "So what was your time today? 2 minutes 55 seconds?"
He laughed and said, "Oh, something like that!"

Physical therapy makes him very sore, which is to be expected! He also gets tired and sore when we have long days, like yesterday, when we had 2 basketball games and an award ceremony!