Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday, December 6th

Michelle was able to talk to Ryan on the phone today.  He is talking through the trachea so she can understand him pretty clearly and she said he sounded very normal.  He told her that he was able to get up and sit in a chair for 45 minutes today!  He is already putting weight on the leg that has the rod in it.  The physical therapist is already working with him.  Ryan told Michelle that he is ready to get outta there, he's ready to stand up, be home, be hugged and loved.  Ryan is very motivated and shouldn't take him long once he is moved to rehab.  Ryan's next surgery is Wednesday.  This will be the surgery over his left arm, so please keep him in your prayers!
Ryan's brother Jared flies in tomorrow and will go straight to the hospital to see him.  I think that will do much good for his spirit. 
Today Michelle put on deodorant all by herself and she did a good enough job that it didn't need to be reapplied.  The girls still helped her get her socks on.  She said she gets a little bit better every day. 
Today she had two jobs on her list she really wanted to get done and she got them both done (one of them being laundry put away, she couldn't remember the 2nd job) but she was tired afterwards. 
She slept in her own bed last night, as opposed to the lazy boy she had been sleeping in.  Moriah slept with her and cried a little bit.  Michelle said she had the girls journal for a little bit as they seem to express themselves in writing better than verbally. 

~ Angie Peterson

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