Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Roman's Thankful Box

We have this box that the girls made last year, we call it the Roman's Thankful Box. Here's a pic, it's not a very good one........

Early November we set the box out on our kitchen table and we keep several slips of paper and a pen nearby.  The idea is that we write down things we are thankful for and put them in the box. On Thanksgiving we open them up and read what has been written on the slips of paper. Well, since we were in IL for Thanksgiving we did not open our box on Thanksgiving Day. We had planned to open it once we returned home. When I came home from the hospital there was the Thankful Box still on the table. Since there was a Christmas tree in the house I decided we had to open the box before we decorated the tree.

Emma, Moriah and I each pulled out a stash of slips and we read them in turn.
Look at this cute girl reading one of her slips!

The last one I read came from Ryan. It read, "I am thankful for my beautiful, healthy family...especially mom."
Yeah, there were some tears after that!  When he wrote that there was no way to know how much joy and comfort he would bring us!


  1. By "especially mom" do you think he was referring to you or jan?

  2. i'm thinking a thankful box should stay up all year long! We've done a "thankful tree" for T-giving and a "love box" for Valentine's Day. This was too sweet, Michelle. I am so happy for the good reports!

  3. That was great. Moriah is adorable, as always! And, Angie's comment literally made me laugh out loud! :)