Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday, December 13

Well, no phone call in the night last night!! His head scan was clear so he was taken back to his room in the rehab unit. Thank you, Lord! He did not get back to his room until 2am so he is tired today, and today is a big day for him. It's his first day of physical therapy! He cleaned himself up again this morning and did some therapy. He will have more therapy this afternoon.

A few more things to pray for...his vision in his left eye, and his hearing in his right ear. He is still not able to hear much out of his right ear. His left ear seems to be okay. His vision was checked while he was at Hurley, and they said his right eye is 20/20 but his left is 20/70. Ryan is not seeing an improvement. We talked on Saturday about his vision and I reminded him before I left to talk to his dr. about having an eye exam. As I went to leave, I told him I loved him and gave him a kiss. He said, "When I look in the mirror I think there isn't much to love." I told him that I love him even more now than I did 2wks ago. He said, "Maybe you need to have your vision checked."


  1. Michelle- thanks for keeping us updated. I continue to pray for your family-- I well remember the weeks I spent in Covenant's rehab unit recovering from an auto accident last winter. I pray that God will bless and strengthen your family-- and specifically that He would encourage Ryan's heart throughout the days (weeks/months) of recovery.

    Julie Cook

  2. Thanks for the laugh, RYAN!!!! We will be praying for vision and hearing and strength during therapy.