Thursday, March 14, 2013

15 Years!!

Today is not only pie day, but it's our anniversary--15 years! We had such a great day 15 years ago!
Some of our favorite memories from that day are:

Our 5 year old flower girl that danced the night away until she literally dropped!
She was carried out of the reception sound asleep in her Daddy's arms.

Anbesol on my toasting glass thanks to my prankster cousins.

Family members gathering to pray over us and our marriage.

Our friend that suffered a hamstring injury displaying his moves on the dance floor.

If you were there thank you for making that day so memorable for us!

Last night we sat down and came up with our 15 favorite times since that day......we had a lot to choose from! But here's what we came up with:

  1. The days we first held each one of our three children. 
  2. Our honeymoon in Hawaii--swollen ankles on the flight over, sunrise over Haleakala, a luau, walks on the beach, and our first argument....didn't take long...:)
  3. NYC for our 10th anniversary--a whirlwind trip, I was very pregnant with Aiden, but we saw the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, Wicked on Broadway and the Tigers win at Old Yankee Stadium!
  4. Jars of Clay/Third Day/Michael W. Smith concert--we won tickets and had a great night worshiping at an outdoor concert on a gorgeous Michigan summer night.
  5. Bike rides on the rail trail--especially in the fall when the leaves are crunchy and the smell of fall is in the air.
  6. Smoky Mtns with my extended family--BEST family vacation ever! 
  7. Our first apartment--we were in the same complex as some of our best friends and we had several dinner/game nights together--we were so free back then!
  8. Niagara Falls/Toronto--Tigers vs Blue Jays
  9. San Francisco--Alcatraz, Picnic in the Redwoods, 1st anniversary dinner on the Pier.
  10. Phoenix/Grand Canyon w/ Ryan's family--Started w/ an ear infection for a baby, then allergic reaction to antibiotic, missing a connecting flight resulted in our party of 5 adults/2kids spending a night in 1 room...ugh! Still turned out to be a great family vacation!
  11. Tigers vs. Cardinals at Comerica Park with friends--the ones that lived in the same apartment complex w/ us--we had little kids, Tigers won, but still a great weekend!
  12. Cincinnati--Reds game, Creation Museum with my sister, her husband and his family. 
  13.  Mackinack Island--kids loved biking around the island--very special for us to spend time with our kids at the place where years earlier Ryan and I first talked about marriage :)
  14. Disneyworld/Florida vacation
  15. Our quiet morning breakfast dates, "Fox News," "24" or "Alias" dates (watching our favorite shows after we tuck the kids in) and other special dates we have had since little ones arrived  in our lives!
Looking back we have been very blessed by the people in our lives. We treasure the time we have spent with each other, our children, and our extended family over the past 15 years. We are looking forward to making many more memories in the years to come! Now, we are off to celebrate with a piece of pie....or maybe cheesecake :)