Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Praying and Potty Training

Aiden makes us smile and laugh so many times each day! Lately, he has wanted to pray at the dinner table before our meals. This is one of his recent prayers:

"Please help the Percyyyy (Percy is of course Thomas the Train's friend)
Shank you Emmaaaa.
Shank you Riahhhh.
Shank you horse (again he means Riah, she is his "horse" and he is the "owner.)
Shank you Daddyyyy. Home.
Shank you Mommyyyy.
Shank you cheese.
Shank you strawberries.
Please help the bodyyyyy.

Yesterday, Ryan asked Aiden if he wanted to say grace. We realized that Aiden didn't realize that saying grace meant praying once he began his prayer:

"Please help the Graaace (Grace is a sweet girl that we know.)
Please help the Madd-yyy (she is Grace's sister...she's sweet too!)"

Not only has Aiden started praying, but he has also started potty training! He prefers to go in his little potty and then flush it in the big potty. Every time he goes he looks at me from the corner of his eyes, crinkles up his nose, and says "Look what I found!"
And every time I laugh!!

Then we put it in the big potty and he asks, "I flush it mommy?"
Once he flushes, he lifts the seat up, puts his head right over the toilet and says,
"Look Mommy! It goes down! It goes down!"
Ah, the wonders of childhood!

My heart overflows with love and thankfulness for this little boy that God has given to our family!  I often see glimpses of his daddy in him, and being able to see a glimpse of Ryan when he was not here was truly a treasure to me! Every time it happened I was reminded of how good our God is! It is my hearts desire that as this little boy grows, not only will people see a reflection of his daddy, but also of his heavenly Father.

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  1. Awwwwww....Aidan, you are so funny and sweet! And Mommy and Daddy, you are doing such a good job with him and his sweet sisters!! God Bless You...and we're still praying!!