Friday, February 18, 2011

Rx for Twinkies

Ryan came home from physical therapy today with his list of exercises to do at home.  At the very top was a note from the therapist to buy a package of 12 Twinkies to help with tissue repair.  Ryan handed me his note  with a smile.  Why would his therapist send a prescription for Twinkies?

Back up a few hours and Ryan and I were discussing our plans for the day. I had to leave for an MRI, Jenn was coming to watch the kids, and his mom was taking him to physical therapy. I asked him if we needed anything else besides milk if I stopped at the store.

He quickly replied, "Twinkies!" Anything Hostess is not usually a part of my grocery list. In fact, my children have been known to ask, "What is a Twinkie?" However, since the accident things have changed a little. I have bought a box of Hostess cupcakes. As my friend Jenn said there's nothing like being in an accident to make you realize you should have a Hostess cupcake once in awhile. Well, Ryan has found that the cupcakes aren't so easy for him to eat. So he asked for Twinkies. To which I replied, "Well, if you can get your therapist to say Twinkies are a part of your approved diet, then I will buy Twinkies."

Looks like I'll be making a Twinkie run tomorrow!

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