Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Thought From a 5 Year Old

Ryan's cousin has a 5 year old son, Trevor, and his mom recently shared this story with me. It made me laugh!! I just have to share it!

"So we were watching some tv this morning and Trevor looks at me and said, "Mom, we have to buy that for Ryan." I look up and see he is watching a commercial for The Scooter Store! I said no honey he is walking with a cane and doing very well. Trevor than said, "No offense mom but if he is going to keep up with those girls he needs to be fast and that scooter is fast !  Oh, and by the way we will have to go to home depot to get stuff so I can build him a ramp to get into our house too!"

Looks like Trevor knows our girls pretty well!! They are fast! And they have a younger brother that moves even faster!! Maybe I could get one of those scooters too?

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