Monday, February 7, 2011

Parties, Appointments, and They Made the News Again!

My mom arrived safely on Friday, and we had a rather quiet weekend together. She needed to rest up because today she was home with the kiddos and Ryan while I went to the doctor and physical therapy. Saturday we did run some errands and stop by the sidewalk sales at Dow Diamond. Ryan had to get some new Loons wear for the upcoming baseball season! Sunday we ventured out for the Superbowl party at Sep and Allison's. What a fun night with some of our dear friends!! Here's a picture that I snagged from Allison's facebook page...hope ya don't mind, Allison!! I just love this one of us!

Today I had another appointment, and it went well. I really liked this doctor! He would like me to have an MRI and nerve testing done. That is scheduled for later in the month.

Those of you who have followed the blog from the beginning may recall a post from my sister with a link to the news article about the accident. I think that post is titled They Made The Front Page News. Angie added that  Mike, her husband, told the girls that if they're ever in the paper again it better be for something good. Well, Uncle Mike, the girls are in the paper again!!This time it is for making valentines for vets at Inspired Hearts in Coleman.  Emma said we better tell you about if before they do something bad! Here's the link to the Valentines for Vets article:


  1. Something to keep in mind; when I went in for my MRI, the doctor told me I was pregnant. Hope all goes well!! LOVE the picture of you and Ryan. I can't believe how good he is looking. Thanks for the link to the article, I am so proud of my little nieces!! They misspelled Mo's name . . . at least they got the last name right!

  2. This one really touches me, My dad was in the VA hospital in Saginaw 2009 when he was getting treatment for his cancer. He had received valentines from kids, I remembered him showing them to me. I wondered where they came from. I am guessing it is the same organization. Let the girls know it really helps brighten the day of the veterans that are stuck in the hospital.

  3. Angie: Yikes!! Thanks for that thought!!
    Sarah: How sweet! I am so glad the girls were able to bring a smile to a veteran in the hospital! Thank you for sharing about your dad.