Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update on Ryan

"Wun Daddy! Wun! You can't get me!" That's how Ryan was greeted by Aiden when we came home after being in Flint all day. We went for Ryan's appointments with the orthopaedic surgeon and the ENT surgeon. Both went well. As I mentioned before Ryan has bone growing in the hip where he should be producing scar tissue. Dr. Burton said that bone growth is what is causing him to be so stiff. They will continue to watch it, and possibly remove it sometime later if needed. The ENT surgeon said things look good. According to the  hearing test he still has some hearing loss in the right ear.. ..Ryan could tell that without the test! If it comes to your mind, please remember to pray for the hearing in his right ear and the vision in his left eye. We appreciate your prayers!

Today was the first time I had the chance to meet the ENT surgeon. As with all of Ryan's other doctors, I really liked him! He seemed to be very dedicated, knowledgeable, and he was very easy to talk to. We are thankful that God has provided Ryan with such an excellent team of doctors!

On Monday Ryan had his evaluation with the physical therapist at Campus Ridge. The therapist asked him what kind of activities he wanted to be able to do. I piped in, "Change diapers!" Ryan said he was thinking he could use some work on his golf game, to keep up with the brothers-in-law! 

My mom leaves tomorrow. We would appreciate prayers for travelling safety for her! We have been so grateful for the extra pair of hands to help with the children and household chores!! Ryan and I were wondering today how we are going to manage without her! Thank you mom for all your help! We love you and we miss you already!


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