Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coleman, We Have a Problem!

The girls had a some friends over last week and they built a spaceship out of boxes and were taking a trip to Jupiter. Of course Ryan had to ask WHY girls go to Jupiter....hee hee hee!  Aiden had to try and be a part too, and although he tried to help build the spaceship with his hammer he really did more damage. 

Here's a bit of what I heard that day:

"Aiden, stop!"

"Ready to launch!" Emma, followed by Aiden, who copies everything, "Time for lunch!"

"Aiden, quit!"

"Not ready for launch! He broke the spaceship!"

"Coleman, we have a problem! He's about 3 feet tall and he's destroying the ship!"

Preparing for launch

Control Center


  1. Oh! So fun!!! Gotta love that little "problem"...he's too cute!

  2. how sweet! looks like they had fun building! :)

  3. I remember playing spaceship in my basement. My mom would drape old sheets from the ceiling down to the floor and we would color in control panels and pretend to go to the moon.

  4. Wow! Sheets from the ceiling! How fun! I am sure they are good memories for you!

    The kids were not the only ones having fun! I so enjoy watching them use their imaginations!