Monday, January 10, 2011

The Best Grilled Cheese Ever!

Today was the day! The oral surgeon cut the wires on Ryan's jaw! As planned, he left the hardware on just in case there is an issue that would need to be taken care of. The hardware will be removed in 2 weeks if nothing comes up.

Jan and I were planning on taking Ryan to Flint, however, last night Jared offered to take him so we took the day off and let the boys go together.  I sent the camera so they could get pics. They took some "before" pictures, and to be honest, they were just too scary to put on here!! Yikes!! So I will just share the "after" pics that I took this evening:

Look at that!! After 5weeks of being shut his mouth his open!! As I looked at this picture I realize the Tshirt he's wearing his pretty old...and Brad will probably recognize it!!

Here it is....the moment he's been waiting for....... look at that ooey gooey cheese!!!  Does that not look like the best grilled cheese ever?!?!

This is the first time since the accident he has had solid food and he drank something w/o a straw!! Isn't that crazy to think about? If I remember correctly I think the last thing he ate was Subway for lunch on the way home.

His mouth doesn't open real wide yet...hard to believe for anyone who knows Ryan, I know!! Everything tasted good to him, he just didn't eat the crust of his sandwich because it was a bit too hard to chew.

Honestly, it was also a bit difficult for me to see him tonight. They may have fixed the jaw, but his teeth are not very straight. He also spoke with a bit of a lisp. It has been mentioned that he may need speech therapy, so maybe that will help.  Also, with his jaw being open it was more obvious that left side of his face doesn't match the right. I am so thankful for the words that I read from my Aunt Mary this morning, "Although some things will never be the same, the important things will be better."

Since Jared took Ryan to Flint, I had the day off. My "day off"  became our first day of school! Yep, our Christmas break, that began just after Thanksgiving, is now over! And we made it through 2 subjects!!  It was good to be doing some of our "normal" activities again.



  1. Looking good Ryan! Keep up the good work!

  2. Ryan, I'm glad your healing continues. Your old 4th Joy floormates have you in prayers and thoughts.

  3. Michelle, you still have a handsome hubby! So happy to see how far he has come, grilled cheese and all! Still praying for your family.

  4. I have always thought that a dining room table adorned with the scratches from children with Play-doh, homework, toys and projects was more lovely than a brand-spanking new table fresh off the showroom floor; that a wedding ring shone the brighter with a few "character" marks etched on it from years of daily tasks and labor; that a 5 year old, well-loved stuffed animal was more priceless in the arms of my child than the day it arrived with price tag attached and stuffing intact. Our beloveds are, I think, much the same. Our hair becomes thinner and grayer, extra pounds often creep on, muscle structure follows the tug of gravity, scars appear from one event or another. But it is the personality, the character, the "heart" that becomes truer and more lovely because of the dents and dings which shape us along the way. We (hopefully!) become even more beloved because of the shaping that occurs throughout the difficult days.

    We love you Ryan, Michelle, Emma, Moriah and Aidan. We love you Tim, Jan, Jared and families. We love you Nancy, Angela, Liz and families....You are becoming more lovely and more beloved as the days pass by.

  5. Wow Colleen, well said. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom.

    Ryan, Tucker said if he could choose a meal he would choose Pineapples and Pizza but your Grilled Cheese sure looked yummy!

    We're so happy for you guys - this is GREAT news!

    Thank you JESUS for showing us your POWER!

  6. God is so good!!! How amazing the progress Noodle has made in such short time. Yes i called him Noodle. Most called him Gumby but not me right Ryan? God amazes me with your progess everytime i read a new blog. You have so much fight and will in you and at your worst you still have other people in mind. Keep it up!! And Michelle i too recognize the shirt and all i have to say is my oh my that is crazy old!! Yet surprising enough it looks in realatively good condition! Ryan we probably have another bag of random tshirts somewhere in the pit if you need more. lol Keep up the great work! Love ya's!!


  7. Praise the LORD!!! I am so excited for Ryan and rejoice with you also Michelle!!! I cannot believe all you both have been through! Your love for God and each other is a testimony! Thank you! Praying still! HUGS bigtime for you both!! And those adorable kiddos of yours!!