Friday, January 7, 2011

The Weekend is Off to a Great Start!

Today has been an exciting day!! Ryan had his follow up visit with the orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Burton. Dr. Burton did the surgery on Ryan's left hip and put the rod in his right leg. Today they did x-rays and the bones are healing nicely. They are doing so well in fact that Dr. Burton lifted all weight bearing restrictions!! Yep, Ryan can start bearing full weight on both legs as much as he can tolerate!! Do you realize it has not even been 6 full weeks since the accident?!?!  I am so excited for him!! And he was also given the okay to go without the neck brace! Ryan was so tired of that thing that I'm pretty sure he was going to just stop wearing it whether he had permission or not!

The only concern the doctor found was in his hip. Instead of scar tissue developing his body is growing new bone. Dr. Burton said he doesn't know why that happens sometimes, but it does. He said it is also occurs most commonly in the hip. They will watch it, and if it continues to grow too much, they will go in and remove it. Of course we know our God can cause the bone to stop growing right now if He chooses!

All in all it was a very exciting day!! And to top it off on Monday he gets the wires cut on his jaw! He's asked for grilled cheese and french fries. I'm pretty sure we can make that happen!

Thanks for your prayers!!



  1. Such wonderful news, Michelle! Thank you so much for sharing these victories along the way. God is at work and it's wonderful when He gets the credit for what He is doing! Grilled cheese and fries, huh? I hope you get him some velveeta and Texas toast! :) That meal actually sounds awesome! Major comfort food! :) Elisa

  2. Praise God !! Thanks for sharing Michelle!!! Our God is certainly taking care of you and Ryan. Great news...I doing the happy dance. You probably don't want to see it. Ha!

  3. Elisa-I love to share!! God is at work, and it is a result of the prayers of so many people!! I am going to have to get on that texas toast an velveeta!!

    Connie: I would so LOVE to see the happy dance!!

    Love you both!

  4. It is decided. Ryan IS the six million dollar man! He is being built better and stronger than before! Praise the Lord for HIS hands!!