Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's been awhile since I have been able to post, but here's the latest!! He's walking!!

Our computer power cord cracked and died so I have been without a computer most of this week. That got me thinking about all of the things that have died in the last few weeks, and it's kinda crazy! The furnace quit working, the dishwasher broke, my cell phone battery needed to be replaced, the toilet needed a new seal, the bathroom sink had a leak, and the computer cord.......REALLY?? Thankfully, all of the above things have now been repaired/replaced, except the dishwasher, and that is on the schedule for Monday.

So, back to Ryan. He is up and walking! Today he had a shower! The first one in almost 7 weeks!! Not sure who is happier about the or him!

He started walking on Tuesday, and Wednesday he woke up really sore. Although Ryan has had relatively little pain, he does wake up stiff and sore. Wednesday he was feeling pretty rough and  he asked for some Tylenol.  Wednesday was a long day for him. He had an opthamologist appt. and a CT scan was ordered by the ENT surgeon.

Tonight we had a birthday party! Grandma Ruthie is 83 today! We met at her place for pizza and chocolate cream pie.

She looked so cute tonight!

Here's Ryan talking with his other Grandma (in the blue sweater.) The woman behind them is Grandma Ruthie's neighbor.

Joy, Uncle David, and Jared
Me and my honey!

Of course there was cake!

And singing too!

Before we left Grandma Ruthie wanted to share something with us. She said that as she thought back on what happened that night, she thought of Emma, asking a paramedic to pray with her. That moment, when Emma asked for prayer, was the beginning of our family's healing. It began with a child, our 9yr old daughter, asking a stranger to pray for her family.

Later, on the way home, I asked Emma if she remembered the paramedic's prayer. She said she couldn't remember it. She did say she asked him to pray while she was still in the van, and he told her they would pray just a bit later.  In the ambulance she asked him again, because she thought he had forgotten. That is when they prayed together.

Immediately after the accident, Ryan and I were not able to pray. Ryan was seriously injured, and I was unconscious. How absolutely precious to know that our daughter, our Emma girl, knew what was needed most at that time. She knew what mom and dad would be doing if they could. She carried on when we could not, and that brings such joy to my heart!

Tonight was the first time our family was all in one vehicle together since the accident, and it was GREAT!  Uncle David commented as we were leaving how wonderful it was to see all of us out and about together. It made us sad to leave him at his parents again. As we left the driveway Aiden said, "My daddy!"  We are all missing his daddy!


  1. Yippee Yay! Tucker, Toby & I looked at your pictures this morning and Tucker hollered, HE'S WALKING!

    Your words later about Emma reminds me that promise in Proverbs (22:6) Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

    Love you guys

  2. That is so awesome that Ryan is walking and I cried as I read about what Emma did it is truly amazing that children can do just the right things at the right times. Your family is in our prayers. God Bless the Coin's

  3. Thanks girls!

    That Tucker sure is a cutie! So sweet that he is excited for Ryan to be walking!

  4. Your story of Emma's prayer is awesome. Tears!! I'm amazed, as we all are, of Ryan's progress. I'm sure there are some discouraging moments....hang in there. Love you guys! Kari