Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I have been kind of quiet lately. This single mom life is exhausting! To be honest, once the kids are in bed, and I have a few moments to myself, I don't feel much like getting on the computer! However, I have been wanting to keep you all updated!

Ryan is planning on coming home on Friday! We are quite excited to have him coming home! He has come here twice for visits this last week. He came once with the therapists to see what we could do to make our home ready for him. This weekend he came home to visit for a few hours on Saturday. He has done well here and that makes me feel less nervous about him coming home to stay. He is excited and a little nervous to be coming home. He feels secure at Tim and Jan's and he has learned to get around there very well. I am sure he will adjust quickly to his new surroundings!! It will help that he has been able to come here for a couple of practice runs!

As for me, this last week I have noticed that the pain in my neck and shoulders has been getting worse and not better. My right arm is considerably weaker than my left, even though the left shoulder blade is the one that was fractured.  The physical therapist is in the process of talking with the dr.'s office to see about having an xray or an mri done on the right shoulder. I should know more about that soon.

Saturday night I was feeling the worst that I had felt in awhile. It was much like when I first came home from the hospital. So Sunday we stayed in all day to rest up. We even stayed in our jammies all day! That is not like me at all! To be in my pj's past 10 am really bugs me! I don't mind wearing my comfy "stay at home" clothes all day, but I do have to put those on so I feel dressed. Not this Sunday! That's just one of the ways life has changed since the accident! And it didn't bother me that the kids played wii and watched tv all day!That would normally irritate me quite a bit! It was good to have a relaxing, restful day inside!

Tomorrow we will spend the day in Flint. Ryan has an appointment to have the cast taken off of his arm and another appointment to have the hardware taken off his teeth! He will be so happy to have the hardware taken off his teeth! Also, today he started walking with a cane! He is improving daily, which is very encouraging to see!

In other news from the Roman home, Emma has been taking a biology class in Midland. This class is in additon to the science we do at home. She has a strong interest in life science and she dreams of being a vet. I thought this biology class would be a fun extra curricular activity for her....and I was right! The teacher is amazing! She loves science and she is awesome with the kids! Last week they made an edible cell and here are some pics:  The nucleus is a whopper, the sprinkles are ribosomes, and the jello is the cytoplasm. Very cute idea!

Saturday, the girls went roller skating to celebrate their friend Annabelle's birthday. As we were dropping them off, the girls were talking about the last time we had been skating which was for Emma's 9th birthday. Ryan and I laughed as we remembered this story.  Moriah was 6 years old at the time, and it was her first time roller skating. During the session they called a "crazy trio" skate in which a trio skates together and they change directions when a whistle is blown.  Emma was out there with 2 of her friends, and the other trios were mainly big kids who were skating fast and whipping around when the whistle was blown. Who else was out there in the midst of crazy trio skate by herself...Moriah! Being the good mom that I am, I just laughed when I saw her! She was alone, and trying to get off the rink, but she kept turning around whenever they blew the whistle and she couldn't make it to an exit! She was so frustrated at the whistle blower because just as she would get herself all turned around he'd blow it again! Finally, she looked at me from the middle of the rink and threw her arms down in frustration and then I saw Emma and her friends come by and rescue Moriah and help her to the exit. Big sister saved the day!


  1. I could not be more excited for you all that you will all be under the same roof. God has done great things! (and He still is doing them). I thought your neck looked stiff Monday night, Michelle. Please keep us updated as to how you are doing. I do have a question for Emma concerning her cell project (which I absolutely love, by the way), I get the cytoplasm, the nucleus and the ribosomes, but what is the gummy worm? A mitochondria?
    Love you all.

  2. Thanks Colleen!! We are very excited for him to be home with us! Yes, our God has done great things...and it is wondefully encouraging to look back on all He has done over the last several weeks! As for the cell, the gummy worm is the endoplastic reticulum. The mitochondria are the fruit and plenty's (not sure if they are visible in the photo.) Isn't that a fantastic idea?!