Monday, January 3, 2011

Updates and Prayer Requests

Tonight I wanted to update you, and share a few prayer requests. I have tried not to share to many requests concerning me or the children, only because when compared to what Ryan is going through, our needs seem insignificant. Well, I have been told by a certain sister that I should be sharing these concerns with you as well.

Today I had a follow up with the orthopedic surgeon concerning the fractured shoulder.....and I drove myself there!  He said it looks good and he gave me the okay to start some strength training in physical therapy. All of Ryan's appointments last week went well. Our last appt of the week was with Dr. Jordahl, and to sum it up he said, "Considering what he has been through, he looks pretty good!"

Although Ryan's appointments went well, there are usually some words about what "doctors say" may happen. I like to be clear between what the "doctors say" and what God says....they aren't always the same!
Here are a few things that the "doctors say" may be a concern: The oral surgeon has said that he may have issues with some teeth because of the fracture to the lower jaw. There are no signs of trouble right now, but it could show itself in 2yrs, 5 yrs or 10yrs down the road, or maybe never.

Another request for Ryan would be for protection against any stomach bug/flu. If they have to cut  the wires on his teeth early for vomiting, he has to go back and have it all put on again! The wires are scheduled to be cut Jan. 10.

As for me, I have been getting better each day. A day or two after Christmas I really started to feel like myself again, both mentally and physically. Then a few days later I felt as if I had taken a few steps backward.  That was discouraging. However, today has been a good day. I still have pain in my ribs and neck. My brain still seems to be working in slower motion that before the has improved, but not quite up to speed yet!

As I begin moving back into "normal" life I am surprised by how strange some everday tasks seem. Last week I returned books to the library. It was the first time I had been inside the library since the accident. For the last couple years the kids and I  have been going to the library almost weekly, yet during this first visit back it seemed almost unfamiliar to me. I would appreciate your prayers during this time of re-adjusting to normal life.

Another concern is for our children. They are thrilled to have daddy back in Coleman, yet life is still very different for them.  They don't fully realize what could have happened that night to their daddy, and so it isn't as easy for them to just be thankful he's alive. There are still many tears here because little girls are missing their daddy. They miss sitting in his lap for Friday night movie night. They miss him stealing their popcorn during the movie. They miss his big hugs when he comes home from work, rough tough tackling with him in the living room, and stories at bedtime.  I try to remind them to be thankful that we do have hope of him coming home to do all of those things again one day.

Another area concerning the children is the craziness of our schedule and their daily lives since the accident. As a homeschooling family we typically spend quite a bit of time together at home. These last few weeks they  have been bopping around between different homes (which I am very thankful for!) while we travel to appointments. My Moriah is especially a homebody and this is an area that is difficult for her. She said last week, " I feel like I am spending more time with everyone else's mom instead of my own." Keep them in mind as we have a week full of appointments ahead.

This healing for our bodies, hearts, and minds will take some time. Thank you again for your prayers and your words of encouragement as we continue on to complete recovery in Christ's name!


  1. I think the Lord brought that to my mind the other day...pray for their "normal" to return. Normal is so important to our family, so I can really understand how you must feel. We have wanted to have Emma over, but I wasn't sure if she really wanted to "bounce" on over! If she does, she's welcome anytime. As for Moriah, she's so much like me as a kid! I can really relate to her. Tell her she's not alone. This "kid" has been that way for years. She will be a very loving sensitive adult one day! If we can help with your "normal", please let me know. It's hard for some of us to predict what those "normal things"might be, but don't be afraid to tell people exactly what we can do to help!! We're all pulling for your family!

  2. Tell Moriah if she weren't on wii, but actually spending time with you, she would realize she is fine!! Thanks for posting the prayer requests! I am such a demanding sister :) Love you!

  3. Michelle,
    Keeping all of you in prayer. I don't like my schedule of "normal" messed with, so I can sympathize. Logan is a lot like Mo in that he likes to be home and not get off schedule. I know what it feels like as a mom to not always be able to give your kids what they really want, time wise. I will pray for strength, understanding, and patience in the coming days. He will get you through. We love you!

  4. Thanks girls! I love you so much and your support means more than you will ever know!! Jami...I will let you know if I need anything. We may need more help in the days ahead as my sister will be leaving soon and I will be on my own! I am sure Emma would love a play date! We'll have to set one up!