Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pre-School Boy

In September Aiden started going to pre-school.
He has the same teacher Emma did when she was there!

We have been making good use of our time while he is gone.
We are able to get most of our school work done...without ANY distractions!
Most days we have finished with time to go out for a bike ride or a walk before we pick him up.

Here he is ready to go.
He doesn't go far without his cowboy hat and boots!
He was sure to tell me, "Don't worry, mom. I won't take my gun in."
Good to know he wouldn't be taking guns in on the first day of school!
I love this one!

He didn't have any problems with me leaving him.
In fact, his teacher had to remind him that it is nice to say good-bye to mom before he takes off.
Thankfully, he did come back to give me a hug.
Then he was off!

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