Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rome to the Reformation--Weeks 1-5

This school year we are using My Father's World Rome to the Reformation package.
This is our 4th year with MFW and we LOVE it!

We also use Horizons math,
Writing With Ease and First Language Lessons from Peace Hill Press,
and Rod and Staff grammar.

Here's some of what we have done in the first 5 wks.
 We have added The Roman Republic, Julius Casear, and Casear Augustus to our timeline.
The girls have added some Roman coloring pages to their notebook.
Emma's page on the founding of Rome.
We are studying the human body in science, and in the first week the girls drew a cell and labeled it.
The sense of taste. I love that Emma has added braces to her teeth.
One of Moriah's first math tests!
The girls have been learning about showing perspective in drawing.
And they made cute little clay piggies for a craft!

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