Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sea World

Mom and I took the kids to Sea World one day while Mike, Ang and Eloise went to Epcot.
What a fun day with my mom and kiddos!

We got a discount on our tickets since we bought them through the concierge at the Marriott.
It took us longer to get through the gate than we expected because we had packed our lunch and apparently some foods are allowed in but others are not. They would not allow us to bring in our sandwiches, but we could bring in yogurt, fruit and protein bars. We could bring in our water bottle and juice boxes, but not the straws. So we quickly re-planned our lunch and I ran back to the car with the forbidden food! We came back out to eat it later.

Once we had that all taken care of, we started our day with flamingos!
Aiden's favorite!
And dolphins!
Moriah's favorite!
There is an open dolphin tank and you are allowed to try and touch the dolphins as they swim by.
Emma was able to touch one, but the rest of us didn't get close enough!


And who are these people?
Oh, they are the ones that conquered the Journey to Atlantis ride!
Yeah, baby!
Although Aiden conquered it he was sure to tell the people working the ride that he did NOT want to do that again!
I tried to convince him not to go in the first place, but he was sure he wanted to do it!

Aiden really wanted to see sharks too, and they have a very cool shark exhibit.
At the end you walk through a tunnel that goes through the shark tank and you can view sharks swimming above you and all around you!
This shark picture is my favorite!
It makes me laugh!

We saw several shows that day, including the dolphin show and the sea lion show.
They were both amazing!!
Aiden especially liked the sea lion show because it had a pirate theme!
At the end of the sea lion show they brought out a walrus!

We ended our day at Shamu Stadium for the Shamu show!
Waiting for the show to begin!
If you sit in the first tier of seats you will get SOAKED!

If you plan on visiting Sea World:
Buy tickets online or from your concierge to save some money.
You may also be able to find coupons on Ebay.

The combo ticket for Sea World/Busch Gardens is a great deal if you want to visit both places.

Coolers (hard or soft) are not allowed in the park, but a small insulated bag is okay.

Take your own drinks and snacks in, but plan on leaving sandwiches in the car! You can come out and eat in the picnic area at lunch time.

They do sell souvenir cups that once you purchase you can refill all day for 99cents a refill.

If you have young children take them to Shamu's Happy Harbor near Shamu Stadium.
They have several rides and activities that all 3 of our kids enjoyed.


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