Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fire Station and Pumpkin Farm

Aiden has taken 2 fieldtrips with his pre-school class.

The first trip was to the Coleman fire station.
Here he is getting a help down from the fire truck.

Checking out one of the nozzles for the hoses.

Giving the fireman a high five.
The fireman put on all his gear, and his oxygen tank. It sound like Darth Vader!
Hopefully it will help kids to know what a fireman looks like and sounds like if he has to come and rescue them sometime. Aiden was a little hesitant to give him a high five, and he even knows the fireman from church!

Later that night Aiden said, "I will never start this house on fire, because I do NOT want the fireman to have to come and do this"...and he started breathing like Darth Vader! That may be the most valuable lesson the boy learns all year! Thank you Coleman Fire Department!

And just last week we went to a pumpkin farm.
He fed a llama,

played in the maze,

and of course, picked out a pumpkin!

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