Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Weekend Update

It's been awhile since I've posted an update. I'll try to catch ya'll up quick!

  • Ryan was able to start weight bearing and physical therapy last week. He also put away the walker and he is just using crutches now.
  • We found out what kind of tool the doctor used to remove the bone growth. He described it as a chisel, but beveled on two sides instead of just one. That, and a hammer!
  • We like the ortho surgeon. He has quite a sense of humor. As he entered the room he said, "So, do you remember which leg it is we worked on?"
  • He also told us they added the extra plate because while they were working they heard a crack. They did x-rays, but could not tell if it was the bone they were removing that cracked or if it was bone that was supposed to stay. Just in case it was bone that was supposed to stay, they added the extra plate.
In other news, both girls had a basketball game this weekend and they both won! Each of their teams played well together and they did a great job of passing the ball. Moriah made 2 baskets in her game and Emma did a great job guarding some aggressive girls that were a bit bigger than her! They were glad Dad could be there to see them play too! Thankfully, at the games, there are chairs on the gym floor which is much easier for Ryan right now than bleachers!

I'll end with one of our favorite quotes from the week:

Aiden, as we're dropping off Ryan for PT: "Bye, Daddy! Don't forget to give them one money!"
Ryan: "I think they're getting plenty of 'moneys', Aiden"
Aiden: "Give them one money! Not two! Oh! And see if they have hot cocoa! That will make you all better!"

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