Sunday, March 18, 2012

Highlights from Weeks 21-23

Well, we took 2 weeks off for Ryan's surgery, and we're calling that our spring break!
We were back at school full time this week, but we missed a day for Ryan's appointment in Flint.

The greek word for this week was petros, which means rock or stone. They learned that the name Peter comes from this word. They both remembered from VBS a few years back that Peter means,
"SOLID ROCK!" Another little fact Moriah remembered was that Peter's previous name, Simon, means blown by the wind. Thank you VBS Team!!
Isn't it great to know that if we make Christ our firm foundation and know His Word, we won't be blown by the winds of this world?

Our studies over these few weeks also included:
  • King David becoming the 2nd king of Israel
  • The Phoenicians
  • The Children's Homer as our read aloud
  • We read many of David's psalms this week, and the girls had an assignment to write one of their own.
  • Emma is reviewing adjectives and poetry in grammar and in math she got her highest test score for the year this week!
  • Moriah is learning about direct and indirect quotations in grammar. She is also memorizing A Slash of Blue, by Emily Dickenson. In math she has just been introduced to adding like fractions!! Let the fun begin!
  • Both girls are memorizing Psalm 1
  • Pi Day!!

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