Monday, March 5, 2012

1 Week Later

Today it's one week since Ryan had his surgery!
He took another shower today!
I counted the staples in his incision...33!
And it's about 12 inches long!

I couldn't help but think back to his long day of surgery just following the accident. It was about a week after those surgeries that Jan and I took the girls to see Ryan in Flint. It was the first time they had seen him after the accident, and it was my 3rd. I was still using a wheelchair because it was a long walk up to see him!
The girls were eager to help, as always, and here they are pushing me in to see him.
I love Jan's face in this one!

I love this photo of Emma talking to him.
She said her tears were happy tears and sad tears.

Ahh, I'm so glad those days are behind us!
One week later this time around and we are all home together!
Tonight, as I write, Ryan and Emma are in his chair together and he is reading to her.
The other two are listening in while working on a puzzle together.
We're home.
We're together.
We're so blessed!


  1. Oh yes. The pictures. The feelings. The happiness that life cannot be "re-wound" and re-lived. God is good.

  2. you are such a strong family! <3 so thankful Ryan is healing well <3