Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blessed to be a Homeschooling Family

I love teaching our kids at home, but honestly, there are days when I want to put all the kids on the big, yellow bus and  cozy up with a cup of creamy coffee and a good book! Or go grocery shopping without all the kids and meet friends for lunch!
But last week was filled with reminders of how blessed we are to be a homeschooling family. I know I wouldn't want to do things any other way. Even if it means not one quiet cup of coffee or a lunch date with friends for the next 15 years!

 The girls were able to have "birthday breakfast" with Grandma. At 9am. On a school day.

Then the unseasonably warm weather arrived and the kids were able to be outside.
They played basketball, softball and mud kickball.
They played at the park.
They collected caterpillars and went "worming."

Playing isn't the only thing they did out in the sunshine.
They took their math sheets out on the back porch.
They found their favorite quiet spot in the backyard for reading.

At the end of the week we did some baking with friends to help out a local women's maternity home with their bake sale.
To quote my friend, it was worth it just to hear the girls giggle!
I have to agree!
Thank you Lord for reminding me how blessed we are to be a homeschooling family!
It isn't always an easy thing to do, but days like these make it all worth it. Being with our children everyday, teaching them, watching them grow, and making memories with them-- is a precious treasure and it brings joy to my heart!


  1. I will be homeschooling the rest of the year. I find your post encouraging and inspirational. Maybe we can have a cousins homeschool meet up :-)

  2. Yes, yes, yes! And the rewards will continue to grow and grow. Did you know that you and Ryan's (and the children's) hard work bless those around you too? Its true. ....and I will try to remember to bring creamer Monday night, not the same, but its something for now. ;)

  3. KKenow--thanks for making me laugh! No one else may get how funny that is, but you are hilarious!!

    Hong Kong Sara--Definitely!! I was wondering what you would be doing about school since you will be moving mid-year. We are all VERY excited to see you!!

    Hannah--hugs to you...and your cutesie little ones!

    Sarah--Me too! Thanks for being an encouraging friend, and for making the baking day happen!

    Colleen--Thank you for your kind words! I will see you Monday night!! With or without the creamer :)