Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Weekend Update

Spring activities are keeping us busy these days!
The girls are playing softball and just yesterday they finished up another year of Upward basketball.
We are still keeping up with school and Ryan's physical therapy appointments.

Ryan is doing really well! Last week as I watched him walk out from physical therapy I thought he looked taller than when he went in! From a distance, he looked like the before accident Ryan! He's still using his crutches and hopefully soon he'll transiton to the cane.

His measurements at physical therapy are improving. His therapist asked him to bend down on his right knee and as he was going the therapist commented, "Well, you're doing that quicker! The first time I had you do that it took you like 3 minutes to get down there!"  
That's when I smiled and asked, "So what was your time today? 2 minutes 55 seconds?"
He laughed and said, "Oh, something like that!"

Physical therapy makes him very sore, which is to be expected! He also gets tired and sore when we have long days, like yesterday, when we had 2 basketball games and an award ceremony!

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