Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Weekend Update

The girls did a great job of taking care of Daddy his first night home!
They were quite excited to be taking care of him, and they assured me repeatedly that they could handle the task! Ryan can't bear full weight on his left leg yet, but he is able to walk using his walker by just bearing weight on his right leg and left toes. So the girls just had to help him with his meals and cleaning up.

 While Daddy was in the hospital the girls missed him and cried for him. They cried as he left for the hospital, when they talked to him on the phone before bed, and when we left after visiting him in the hospital. However, I noticed that when they left me and went home with him there were no tears. None. No crying when I called home to check on them. Nope. No asking to call me at 7am the next morning.
Hmm, I guess I've learned where I rate with them! :)

Ryan has been eating more in the last 24 hours. He's been getting around with his walker. On Thursday he took a shower and we changed the dressing on his incision. The Dr. said he would use the same incision from before but this one is a good 3-4inches longer than the last one! I'm not sure if that's because of the extra plate they added.

Ryan may be down for awhile, but he's still "coaching" the girls in basketball from his wheelchair. Thursday night as I cleaned up dinner he was working with Emma on her boxing out. He was moving her arms and legs to the the correct places and showing her what to do in different situations. I couldn't help but smile as I watched him "coach" from his wheelchair!

And to correct some information from a previous post, at first I thought the Dr. said he took out 90% of the bone growth, but that is not necessarily true. He did not give a percentage. He only said he took out a LOT of bone, and that is one of the worst bone growths he has seen. He did say he got his leg to bend at 90 degrees, but he did not get it to go 100% flat....close, but not quite.

He has been straightening his leg while standing with his walker. He says it feels weird to straighten it, and that it feels as if something should be blocking it. He can tell that it doesn't straighten out fully and it makes that leg seem shorter than the other. I heard him say to himself the other day, " Gosh darn it, I'm going to have to wear a lift."

Some things to pray for:
Ryan said his vision in his left eye has not been as clear as it was before surgery. This is the eye he had trouble with but it has been improving.
He also has noticed the same thing with his jaw. It seems tighter and harder to open since the surgery.
We'll ask about these things when we see the Dr.


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