Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Weekend Update

  • Ryan's recent appt. w/ the ortho surgeon:
Time to start thinking about surgery to remove the bone growth.
They will not remove all the bone growth but enough to give him more movement than he has now.
They will do a dose of radiation to prevent it from coming back.
However, according to Dr. some will come back, but hopefully not enough to limit him as much as now.
Chances of it coming back enough to severely limit him like now is 20-30%.
There is a chance that the nerve has intertwined in the bone growth.
If that's the case they will still do surgery, but be careful not to cut the nerve.
That's a good thing!
Dr. has ordered a CT scan and bloodwork.
Those have both been done.
We are waiting to hear the results from them.
  • Still waiting for more info on the jaw
  • Ryan will see the opthamologist later this month and the ENT in January.
  • I am still in PT twice a week for my neck/shoulder/back. I follow up with my dr later this month. My right side is still weak compared to the left. I still have times when I have to stop what I'm doing because of back pain.
  • The kids--Last week they talked a lot about the accident. Then Thursday, as we were getting ready to start school the girls brought it up again. As they started talking they both started to cry. I think one of the girls especially needed a good cry. As she put it, " I think I need to get some tears out." So, we closed our books and they cried. We talked. We hugged. Cried some more. When we were done I asked the one girl if she felt better and she said, "Yes, but I think I still have some more tears." I told her that we may always have some tears--just like when we lost our baby in a miscarriage. There are some things that will always make your heart ache. But we have hope in Jesus of a day when there are no more tears! What a wonderful day that will be! And until then, He will give His peace, comfort and strength to those still have more tears!
  • After a morning like that we just couldn't do school, so we decorated our Christmas tree! It's beautiful!


  1. What blessed flexibility home-schooling affords. Time to share pain and triumph, time to invest, shape and mold, time to proclaim truth as each day presents itself. Thanks for sharing. Thank you also for the update. My prayers continue. Thank you once again for the example which you and Ryan exhibit, I believe our friend Paul, in his letter to the Thessalonican church, expressed it as "excelling still more"! Be blessed, sweet family!

  2. You have all been on my mind again since I saw you the other day. I'm so sorry to hear you are still struggling but feel so encouraged by your faith and strength. We will be praying for you.

  3. Colleen, my dear sweet heart of gold friend! I was thinking the same thing! How blessed I am to be able to be home with them! Thank you for your encouragement, prayers and for setting what our friend Paul in his letter to the Phillipian church expressed as a "pattern for us to walk according to! ;) Love you much!

  4. Leah, thank you for continuing to pray for us! It was good to see you too, if only for a minute! Aria sure is growing! I hope you are all feeling better and enjoying this Christmas season!