Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Weekend Update

What a week we have had! Here's why I missed last weekend's update!
  • Puke! Yep, we had a stomach bug stop by the house! Aiden started around 10pm Saturday night. Is it just our house, or do these things ALWAYS start at night? When they're in bed. So the bedding needs to be changed. And pillows must be washed (or tossed out in this case!) Ugh!!
  • He was up about every 20-40 minutes until 5am! I was exhausted!
  • Sunday morning we stayed home from church, slept in, and started catching up on the 25 loads of laundry from the night before!
  • Pump goes out! The pump for the well. Which gives us water! Which I need to do my 25 loads of laundry, wash puke pans (which were still being used!) and to wash hands! So I armed myself with hand sanitizer and 2 cans of Lysol while we waited for the pump to be fixed! Ugh!!!
  • Sunday evening, pump is working and puke seems to be gone! Hallelujah!!
  • Monday morning, heading out for a 7am appt--van wouldn't start! Really??
  • Cancel 7am appt.
  • Tuesday--van is fixed! Yay!
  • Tuesday night--pump goes out again! We were told on Sunday that more work needed to be done and they would do that on Friday.
  • We called to see if they could move that up!
  • Wed evening--we have water again!!

By this point in the week, I was ready for the weekend!
And what a great weekend we had!
We started our Christmas week by seeing our children in various Christmas programs.

Emma had her Christmas Choir Concert (they call it a Holiday Concert, but I just can't!)

Here's her group. She is in the 2nd row, 2 in from the right.

Here's after the performance!

And this morning was our first time having all 3 of our children in the children's Christmas program at church! We won't have many of those!

The cute little boy in the red sweater, yeah, he's ours! He's singing "Away in a Manger."
He waved to me, he waved to his daddy. The little girl next to him was sitting between Aiden and another boy. Apparently Aiden wanted to breathe like a dragon on the other boy, and of course the other boy returned the dragon breathing! The little girl put her hands up in an attempt to keep the boys away from her!

Moriah's class played the Christmas story and she had the part of the angel.  She did so good, even though she was a bit nervous! 
Emma's class played and sang "We Three Kings," and "Go Tell it on the Mountain."
It was a great way to start the Christmas week!


  1. Wish I could have been there to see those wonderful performances!!

  2. beautiful family!!!
    wow, that sounds like a rough week. I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend after all of that!

  3. angie, we wish you could've been there too! but we're so thankful you were able to get a sneak peek of the choir concert!

    Kim, beautiful cousin!! it's so good to hear from you! Have a very Merry Christmas!! Love you!