Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Favorite Christmas Traditions

The Christmas season is my favorite time of year!
This Christmas season has been one of my favorites! Isn't God so good? Last year, although Christmas was still Christmas, and we were thankful to have Ryan home, our circumstances surrounding Christmas were the worst ever. Last Christmas season is really a blur to me. There a few memories, and times I enjoyed, but I felt as if I were going through the motions for the most part. Perhaps that's why this year was so special. I think it's also because all 3 kids were old enough to begin understanding it and to be excited about it. I know we won't have many years like this, if we have another. It won't be long and the girls will lose some of their child like wonder of Christmas. I pray they always have some wonder of Christmas, but it will soon become a more grown up wonder! So I tried hard to squeeze out every ounce of enjoyment this year! 

Here are some of our favorite Christmas traditions:

Christmas Tea
This was Emma's first year to go, and she brought along her American Girl doll, which I thought was too cute!
Here are all the Roman ladies at the Christmas Tea.

The Coleman Christmas Parade
This was Aiden's favorite entry this year!

Decorating Our Tree
Getting out our ornaments is so much fun! Ryan and I both have our childhood ornaments, and our kids get new ones each year. Here they are with their new ones for last year. The girls have a globe since we studied "Countries and Cultures" last year. Aiden has a dump truck since that was his "favorite" toy last year!

One of my favorite ornaments, this one is for our little Roman baby in heaven.

And this makes me laugh! My kids have always loved Rudolph, and they were so excited to get this lighted Rudolph. They used a paper chain for reigns, and a box lid for a sleigh. They used stuffed animals for Santa and elves. The Santa costume they had, but Emma sewed the eleves' hats!

Here's the finished prouct!

What a joy to be able to decorate our tree together this year! We had to make some changes....we did go with a small artificial tree instead of real, but we were all healthy enough to do it ourselves! Of course we couldn't help but think of our dear friends who worked quickly to get last year's tree up before I came home from the hospital!

Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child
For many years now we have done shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. The kids have fun putting their boxes together. Emma even sewed a few items for her box this year.

The Santa House

Baking Cookies!

Christmas Movies!
Friday night is usually movie night, and in December it becomes Christmas movie night!
Some of our favorite Christmas movies to watch:

The Nativity Story
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
Miracle on 34th Street
The Muppets Christmas Carol
Christmas With a Capital C
Veggie Tales-Little Drummer Boy

Christmas Stories By The Tree
Some of our favorite books:

The Legend of the Candy Cane
Memories from the Manger
The True Night Before Christmas--a gift this year--beautiful book!!
Bear Stays up for Christmas
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

What a wonderful Christmas season it has been for us!
I'd love to hear some of your Christmas traditions!

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