Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week 11

Added to our timeline this week:
Jacob's Family Moves to Egypt
Old Babylonian Kingdom/Hammurabi
The Hebrews Become Slaves

For their history notebook they were supposed to make a page on Hammurabi's Laws...their work really made me laugh!
Here's Emma's illustration of a surgeon's hand being cut off because a patient died while he was performing surgery. As she was getting ready to draw this one she said, "Aiden! Come here! I need your hand!" Good thing she only used it for tracing!
To the left of the hand is an architect. She gave him a little speech bubble with "gulp" in it b/c he sees that a house he built has just fallen on a man and killed him, and according to the law he must be put to death.
And at the bottom she drew a picture of a man giving up his wife as a slave because he owes a debt that he cannot pay.

This is Moriah's page on Hammurabi's Laws.
This loving daughter of mine drew a picture of a Ryan giving me away as a slave because he cannot pay his debt. If you notice she drew Emma in the picture, crying because Mom is leaving. However, Moriah and Ryan are all smiles because now the Tiger fans outnumber the Cardinal fans!

Egyptian Queen Hatshepshut had an obelisk made to honor her reign, and the girls had an assignment to make draw an obelisk to commemorate someone or something.

Emma chose to make one in honor of music.

And my sweet Moriah? She made one to honor Luigi. Yes, the Luigi from Mario Bros.

Yes, Moriah is really crazy about Mario Bros. and especially Luigi. She has been asking for the Mario Bros. Wii game for Christmas. She has played it with Uncle Mike--more often than he probably cared to!
One of her recent math assigments was to write a multiplication word problem. This is what she wrote:
"Moriah did house chores every day. She was paid $3.00 a week. She worked for 17 weeks. How much money did she have?"
Answer: $51.00--enough to buy Mario Bros!!

That girl cracks me up!

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