Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weeks 12-13

Weeks 12 and 13 covers the 10 Plagues of Egypt.
We covered 2 plagues each day.
First day was blood and frogs.
The girls decided to act out a few plagues, and so we found frogs all over the house!
On the sofa, in our beds, in the cabinets, and in our food. 
Of course Dad was Pharoah, so at dinner he had frogs on his plate and red food coloring in his milk.

Here are some frogs on the mirror.

And a frog on the spelling board!

I asked the girls to think about what it would be like to have the land overtaken by frogs.
Think of the sound!
It was probably difficult to walk around without stepping on one!
The smell of the heaps of dead frogs once the plague was removed.
All because one man was stubborn, and refused to acknowledge God as God.

Then came flies and they taped little black dots to Dad's shirt.

During the livestock plague I found many "dead" stuffed animals throughout the house. 

Then came boils and hail.
The girls taped red circles to me and Ryan for boils.
 They hung little brown circles from the ceiling for hail.
There was hail in every room except the girls' room, because they were the Israelites.

Some of my favorite "plague" quotes:

"Watch out, hail machine coming through!" -Emma, pushing dad's wheelchair to use as a stool so she could reach the ceiling to hang the hail!

"Oh, and mom, you're the Queen, so sores, sores, sores, boils, boils, boils-- and all that stuff on you!"-Emma

Here's some "hail" in the sky.

Other happenings this week:
  • We finished up our read aloud by Patricia St. John, Star of Light. Very good book!
  • We began our new read aloud for the Christmas season, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. This is such a good book too! We'll be watching the movie over Christmas break.
  • In grammar, Emma was introduced to outlining. She also had an assignment to write notes for a "How To" demonstration. She chose to explain "How to Make Johnny Cakes." That's one of her favorite recipes!
  • Emma has been thankful that math has eased up on long division in her recent lessons! The focus has moved to reviewing previous material, which makes for a less painful math lesson for her!
  • Moriah is still working on memorizing multiplication facts. She has also been introduced to division!
  • After today we are officially on Christmas break! We'll be doing some review next week, and maybe a math lesson or two. Other than that, we are on break!! Merry Christmas!

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