Friday, August 5, 2011

A Visit With Family and Friends

On our recent trip home we spent a few days in St. Louis and then we stayed with my mom for a few days. We had the chance to visit with some of our family and friends. It was our first time seeing most of them since the accident. I have been looking forward to hugging them for so long now! I guess there's something about a near death experience that makes a person want to just hug those people that are dear to them!

We celebrated mom's birthday with pizza and ice cream cake! She had all of her daughters there, all of her grandkids, a few of her nephews and their families, and some close friends.

We also celebrated a birthday for this cute little boy!

We had some friends over for some birthday fun in the sun!

There was lots of time for loving on our cousins,

Thanks Uncle Scott for the yummy treat at Eckert's!

And the sisters had lunch together.....

Notice anything different?? Yep, that would be my friend Jenn and her son Evan!! They recently moved to Kentucky, which isn't too far from my mom's, so they came up for a few days! Which was really great until she devised a plan to boot me out and be the "new" sister!! Looks like her plan is working perfectly!

We were rather spoiled this trip! Uncle Mike took us our for a lunch date! Doesn't he have some adorable lunch date ladies?

Some of my friends from college were able to get together for a little reunion of our own. Of course I don't have a group shot of all the moms, but I do have one of all our kids....well, we're missing 3 of them!
These two boys look like they could get into some trouble together!
Their mommies were college roomates!

We are very blessed to have such wonderful family and friends! We know that God has put each one of you in our lives for a purpose. Thank you for spending time with us and for loving on us while we were there! Making a trip down was a much needed part of our healing process, and I thank you for your prayers and encouragement as we went! We love you and we can't wait to see you again!


  1. We sometimes go to Eckerts too! They have great fruit. I wish we had some of those Illinois peaches up here!

  2. No way! I forgot that you have family there! Eckert's is not far from where I grew up. We used to go apple picking every year with my cousins. We have picked peaches too!! They are yummy! Actually, we had a peach smoothie this trip and it was delicious! Michigan peaches aren't too bad either!! They'll be here before we know it!